The Dos and Don'ts of Bedroom Furniture Shopping in Jacksonville

The Dos and Don'ts of Bedroom Furniture Shopping in Jacksonville

Posted by JaxCo Furniture and Mattress on Sep 20th 2022

If you want to update your bedroom furniture, this guide can help. Here are the dos and don'ts of bedroom furniture shopping for Jacksonville homeowners.

Did you know that people in the United States spend an average of 11 hours each day in bed?

All this time spent in bed can influence your mood, which is why your bedroom is such an important place.  

To improve your life, you should update your room so your furniture and decor match your lifestyle. 

Read further if you want to discover the dos and don'ts of bedroom furniture shopping in Jacksonville! 

Do These

Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to live since you'll be along the coast and have 4 beautiful beaches to relax on. 

This area is affordable and has beautiful homes, but some could use help with the interiors. If you recently bought a place near Jacksonville or want to make some updates to a room, you should invest in new furniture.

Furniture can change the atmosphere and view of a room since they act as a focal point. By getting the right pieces, you can transform your bedroom and have a place to relax. 

Below are a few things you should do when you go shopping. 

Make a Plan

One of the first steps with bedroom furniture shopping is to make a plan and pick the room. 

After you decide which bedroom you want to transform, you can take measurements of the walls, windows, and other spaces. Measurements will help while you search for furniture and ensure everything can fit. Once you have some furniture ideas, you should consider the placement.

The furniture placement will impact the pieces you get and how many. You can cut out pieces of paper that represent furniture. Place them on a sheet in the shape of the room.

These papers are a great visualization. You can move the furniture around without breaking a sweat. 

Don't get discouraged if you have to adjust your plan and timeline. Finding the right furniture will take time and consideration to get your money's worth. 

Set a Budget 

A bedroom furniture budget will prevent you from going into debt and allow you to update other rooms.

You can work with our financing department to create a payment plan and get furniture. If you are financing, you should still define your budget to avoid getting overwhelmed with future bills. Many people make this mistake and go into debt because of high-interest rates and short payback terms. 

Your budget should be a small portion of your income. It helps to use money from your savings when updating a bedroom, but you don't always have to pay for it upfront. 

As you speak with sales representatives, you can discuss your budget and they can point you in the right direction. Not only does this save time, but it also lets the salesperson know what your limits are. 

Identify Needs & Wants 

Take time to list all of your wants and needs for the bedroom.

You can prioritize each item with a highlighter. This list will help guide your purchasing choices. It's important to note that your wants should never come before your needs. 

If you need to find inspiration for your bedroom design, you can check out our blog for great ideas and imagery. 

Common needs for bedroom furniture include the size of a bed or dresser. Nightstands should also get considered at this time for holding belongings. 

After you've listed out your needs, you can think about the additional items you would like to get. Decorations and luxurious pieces can enhance a room and come at an affordable price. If your budget allows, you can get a few of your wants to make the room more pleasant. 

Futons, desks, and vanities are great options to consider adding to the room. These items can make the space useful and more productive. These additions can also become a need if you have to turn your bedroom into a multifunctional room. 

Consider Cushion

Buying chairs for bedrooms is fun when you look at all the patterns and styles, but there is more to consider. 

Chairs and beds are critical places that need the right cushioning. Without proper support, you won't be comfortable. The cushions (or lack of) could contribute to back pain.

Since you spend so much of your life sleeping, you must have a comfortable mattress. 

While looking for a new mattress, you can choose between a few options. Most mattresses are 10-12 inches tall and come in white or gray. Our company has some of the best Tempurpedic beds made with cooling and supportive foam. 

Buying a quality mattress can help you get deeper sleep and improve muscle repair. The airflow and support our mattresses provide will make you love your room even more. 

Pillows and rugs should also be well-cushioned in the bedroom. If you don't know what your body will benefit most from, you can get advice from a doctor or chiropractic. This will help you identify if you need a firm or soft surface to sit, stand, and lay on.  

It helps to visit the store and try the furniture before buying. 

Purchase as a Set

Whether you want a queen or king mattress, a furniture set is best. 

Looking at our furniture sets can help inspire you with a design. There are a variety of headboards, end tables, and dressers that will fit your personality. 

If you want to create a unique bedroom design, it is best to buy furniture individually. When you look for different pieces that aren't identical, you can build character in the room. You can also incorporate other items with your furniture sets to balance the contrast.

Purchasing furniture as a set can help you save money and helps the room look clean. Instead of mix-matched furniture, you'll have a beautiful set to fit your needs. There are adult and children's bedroom sets for mattresses between full and Califonia king sizes. 

Each set at our store has a custom design that comes with additional features. Shelving on headboards or under the mattress is a common request to make the most of space. 

Look at Reviews 

A great way to know if the furniture is right for you is by looking at online reviews.

Our furniture store sells high-quality brands with positive reviews and reputations. Signature Design by Ashley and Coaster Fine Furniture are great brands to try. You can view online reviews of their products to gain insight into the furniture's quality and appearance. 

Reviews are a helpful resource when buying furniture. These reviews can give you more info about the furniture and if there are any issues.

If you find negative reviews, take note of them. You can address these issues with a sales representative to see improvements. It's common for newer editions of furniture to fix previous problems. 

Other brands with positive reviews include Elements and Ashley Furniture. 

The best part about reviews is that they can also be helpful. Many people share tips on caring for furniture or how to clean it. Take all of these details into consideration before making a choice. 

Bring Your Child

Buying furniture is a personal experience, every person has particular needs.

If you want to update your child's bedroom, you should keep them close while shopping. Your child's input can help you understand their comfort needs and preferences. Without your child, you won't know what mattress they are most comfortable on or what drawers they like best. 

Furniture is expensive, so you must get items your kids will like. Getting something that doesn't suit them could cost you more money or a headache from all the complaining. 

Although shopping with kids can be stressful, it's not terrible at a furniture store. The children often look at all the decor and bedroom sets. 

Be Patient

Quality products take time to manufacture and transfer, so you must be patient. 

Patience while shopping can lead you to the best furniture. It's a common mistake for people to buy furniture on their first stop because they want the room completed. If time permits, use the time to find the best items and prices. 

If you gradually purchase furniture and decor, your home will have a unique look. Since some items are fragile, patience is crucial to avoid breaking anything. Without proper storage or transfer, the items could get damaged and be a waste of money. 

You can visit our store to test bedroom furniture and decide on what you want to buy. This is a great way to make an informed decision without taking too much time. 

Pay Attention to Color

Picking a color scheme will be fun, but there are many things to consider.

If you're painting the walls neutral, you can add pops of your color scheme. Furniture and decor are the best ways to brighten a space and make it more exciting. When you pick a color scheme, try to find shades that complement each other and won't pull away from the room's beauty. 

If you can't decide between gray and brown, Lettner light gray is best. Wynnlow gray and Anarasia white are other popular colors from Signature Design by Ashley. 

The colors of your furniture matter because you don't want them to clash with the walls or decor. 

Don't Try These

Jacksonville FL homes are beautiful, luxurious, and often trendy.

Unfortunately, not all bedroom trends are worth the time and money. If you want to avoid wasting your money and make the most of your bedroom upgrade, there are a few things to avoid. 

Don't make the mistakes that other people have already tried. By learning from others' mistakes, you can develop the most comfortable room in the house.

Skip Measurements

The worst thing you can do when shopping for furniture is to skip taking measurements. 

The size of your room will determine the types of furniture that will fit comfortably. When you don't have these numbers, you could overfill the bedroom, making it look cluttered. If you have a sloped ceiling or curved space, measurements take time.

It's best to take your measurements more than once to confirm them. If you aren't sure of your accuracy, have a friend or family member help. 

The saying, "measure seven times, cut once" is a Russian proverb. It was commonly referenced with carpentry work as a preventive practice to avoid errors. 

Many people recommend writing the numbers in your phone's notepad. This is a more secure way to hold the info rather than keeping it on a piece of paper. 

Keep Questions to Yourself

If you are looking at furniture and have questions, write them down.

Finding answers can help you determine the best furniture set and discover other options. When you speak with our sales team, you can ask about the brand and furniture design to ensure it will fit your lifestyle. 

When you hold back questions, you can miss out on options. The reason to ask is that it increases your research on the products and brands. 

Common questions people ask about bedroom furniture involve materials and quality. Since furniture is an investment, you don't want to make ignorant decisions. 

Purchase Without Purpose

When you purchase without a purpose, you're wasting money and space. 

Only buy pieces of furniture and decor that you intend to use. Items that get placed into storage after buying barely make it out. Around 25% of people in the United States have clutter issues which negatively impact a home's appearance. 

Fortunately, most bedroom sets are multifunctional. Not only can you sleep in your bed, but they can also get used as a dresser or storage space. Chairs and decor can also serve many purposes.

If you are tight on space and a budget, following this rule will help. Keep your wants and needs list in mind while you make your practical purchases. You won't regret your decisions and the cost will be worthwhile. 

Base Decisions on Brand Names

Nearly 90% of consumers in the US stay loyal to brands with shared values.

Although brands are a great way to find your next furniture set, you shouldn't limit yourself. Walking into our store or searching online, you will find several brands to select from. Having multiple options can get you the best style for your preferences. 

Instead of settling on a decision with your standard brand, try something new. Different brands will expose you to other materials, designs, and purposes. Base your buying decisions on more than just a brand name so that you don't overspend. 

It helps to view all of the options without looking at brand names. You can identify your favorites and determine the most affordable option. If you're on a budget, you can adjust the price settings and still overlook the brand names until the end. 

Hold Yourself Back 

Your bedroom is an intimate room that you should feel the most "you" in. 

Don't hold yourself back when you shop for furniture. If a pattern or material speaks to you, look at all of the comparable options. When you purchase the pieces you gravitate toward; the room naturally comes together with character. 

You can develop a beautiful design with our furniture, but the decor is a better way to express yourself. Plants, art, and fabric patterns can influence your mood and safety. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable place in the home.

Since the bedroom is an intimate space, you don't have to hold back. No one will enter your room unless permitted or shown. Express yourself with everything you can, especially colors. 

Limit Your Lighting

Do you have more than one light in your bedroom? Is the light hanging from the center of your ceiling?

Ceiling lights can make the room too bright. A bedroom should have mood lighting that's controlled and calming. Instead of using the ceiling light, you can add lamps to the nightstands or corners of the room. 

Lamps are a great way to bring light into the room without overstimulating your brain. If you want to read a book before bed, a lamp is less likely to keep you up overnight. 

Artificial light can harm mental health. To make your bedroom an uplifting space, add curtains and open them up to let the sunshine in. Natural light will help wake you up and keep your plants alive! 

Softer lights will make the room more relaxing and inviting. 

Overwhelm Your Room

When you pick bedroom furniture colors and decorations, you should monitor how they match.

When bedroom decor clashes with the walls and furniture, the room feels overwhelming. Your bedroom items should have a common style to help everything flawlessly go together. 

It's also important that you allow enough space around the furniture. Overcrowding the bedroom can impact your sleep and mood when you enter the room. Try eliminating something or rearranging if you can't easily walk in the room. 

Many people recommend built-in drawers on beds. They are great for adding storage space and decluttering if you have too much. 

Forget the Floor

One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to update the floor.

Whether you have hardwood or carpet floors, you can update them to improve your bedroom. It's most affordable to purchase a large rug for the room, rather than install carpeting. 

Another reason you don't want to forget the floor is that the furniture can cause damage. Depending on the weight and cut of furniture, it can imprint the floor or scratch it. 

After you purchase your furniture, you should get fuzzy-pads and apply them to the legs or bottom surfaces. This will help protect your floors, carpets, and furniture.

Choose Prices Over Quality 

Everyone wants to spend the least amount for a great renovation, but, what you pay for is what you get. 

When buying bedroom wall art and furniture, pay attention to prices, but don't let them control decisions. Although some pieces may cost more, they tend to last longer and save you money down the road. Cheaper furniture and decor tend to discolor, warp, and crack.

The worst part about getting the cheaper furniture is that it's more difficult to repair. Since the materials are manufactured, you typically need to replace them for a new piece. 

Overlook Hardware

Furniture has more uses than simply holding your clothes or sleeping body.

When you invest in beautiful furniture with quality hardware, you improve the appearance and function of the items. Hardware, such as handles, knobs, and hooks can beautify your furniture and they come in many styles and colors.

Often, people get charcoal, silver, or white hardware for their furniture. When you go shopping in the stores, feel which types of handles you like best and pay attention to the styles. 

The hardware can't get overlooked because you'll want it to match other features in the room. Lamps, light switches, and decor typically incorporate the same colors and metals. 

Are You Bedroom Furniture Shopping in Jacksonville?

Bedroom furniture shopping can be overwhelming if you don't have a plan in mind. 

This guide can help you cover all the basics of updating a room and making it more comfortable. No matter your budget, Jax Co. can help you get decor, beds, and dressers. You can turn a dull space into a luxurious room you look forward to entering. 

Don't be afraid to try a different color scheme or style than you typically get. Changing your room can help motivate you and get you better sleep. You don't have to sacrifice your comfort for beauty. 

Look for furniture and decor that represent you. When you feel comfortable and safe, you will receive better rest. Better rest helps improve your mood. 

If you want to see some of the latest bedroom furniture trends, check out our staff picks for a great place to find inspiration!