Taking Care of Our Neighbors

What does it mean to be part of a community?

Here at JaxCo and in our sister store NashCo (Nashville, TN), we believe that it means being more than just a store. We are so honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to serve each one of our customer's throughout the years. 

We also believe that it is our duty and responsibility as citizens of Jacksonville to serve and give back to those in need. Thousands of people in Duval and the surrounding counties do not have adequate sleeping and living conditions. We are helping change that.

JaxCo Furniture is committed to giving back to our community in various ways. We work with non-profits such as Sponsored by Grace to help outfit families in need of better sleeping conditions with mattresses and bunk beds. We work with organizations such as 5 Star Veterans on fundraising drives and via mattress donations as they help veterans get off the street and into a place of their own. These are just a few of the ways JaxCo is giving back to our community.

We believe in being leaders in our community and we hope that our efforts inspire others in and around Jacksonville to pour back into their own neighborhoods. 

Contact us if you would like to nominate someone for this program.

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