5 Tips on Picking Out the Perfect Couch

5 Tips on Picking Out the Perfect Couch

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Feb 3rd 2021

Finally finding that perfect couch for sitting deserves a standing ovation. This is a piece of furniture that will work harder than any other in your home. A perfect couch will look stylish in your living space, welcome guests with open arms, and provide a soft landing pad day after day. Whether you need a moment’s retreat from a flurry of tasks, or plan to sink down and spend the entire evening in front of the flatscreen, the perfect couch is always ready.

As the almighty King of the seating vignette, a couch holds court for other chairs and ottomans to receive tossed coats and bags, napping pets and unopened mail. Because those who walk through the door will likely gravitate to the couch, first.

A couch is an investment. It is the centerpiece of a living space and an important purchase that should not be taken lightly or without a little research.

Here are our top five tips on choosing the best one:

1.) Sectional, Settee, Sofa or Sleeper?

There are many options when it comes to selecting a lasting seating companion. The first thing you will want to do is consider the size and scale of the room. Will you be placing the couch in a more formal sitting area where you prefer to sit quietly and read...or, where typically welcome guests? Or, do you have a large family and furry pals that like to pile on top of the couch together after dinner to watch what’s new on Netflix?

Once you have determined the size that best fits your lifestyle, family and living space - take measurements! Always measure twice to ensure accuracy so the installation is stress-free. Also, measure all entry areas and doorways to make sure the couch can pass through without trouble.

If you are part of a larger family unit or someone who hosts many guests at home, how great is this Modular sectional? Pieces can be added or removed to create larger and smaller versions based on the lounge set-up you desire for that day!

The name of this sectional speaks for itself, the “Cloud” model literally feels as if you are floating...just beware of unforeseen naps when surrendering to its powers.

2.) It’s What’s Inside That Counts.

Say it louder for the people in the back. Remember, because your couch is the workhorse of the home, it’s the place everyone flees and flocks to lounge, laptop, eat, drink, read, chat, entertain guests, watch TV, and of course, take the occasional snooze.

With so much heavy traffic and variety in activity, it better be built to last! Not only does a perfect couch need to have serious staying power, but should provide ample room and lots of comfort. Choose a model with a sturdy frame, quality legs and arms, and one upholstered in premium fabrics. You can easily ask your local furniture store questions via social media messages, or better yet, visit the store in person and test out models until you find the perfect feel and fit.

Always check that the interior couch cushions (both back and seat cushions) work for your comfort level. Are they made with feathers or foam? Or, a combination of fibers? Each will have their own distinct feel.

Lastly, with so much recreation and relaxation happening in one spot - spills and stains are pretty much a guarantee. If you have a busy household with lots of couch dwellers, make sure to choose a durable upholstery that is easy to spot-clean, or a model that features removable and machine washable slipcovers.

3.) A Well-Styled Sofa.

Once you lock down the basics of picking the perfect couch (i.e. size, comfort, quality and budget), you will move into designer territory, and this part matters!

If you are someone who feels at ease making your sofa the “statement piece” of a room, try choosing one covered in a bright, bustling print or multi-textured, colorful fabrics.

If not, do not fear, there are plenty of “safer” options!

A classic Chesterfield with deep buttoned tufted leather oozes a rich and notable design. With its rolled arms and British roots, this model makes quite a statement on its own, yet in a more subdued manner.

A luxurious velvet sofa like this one breeds a “Hollywood Regency” vibe, and will add a splash of glamour to a room. The sapphire jewel tone and sleek hairpin legs exude elegance:

If you are still unsure about what style couch would look best and fit with your overall decor - keep it simple.

A basic white, grey or black cotton or linen fabric will easily blend and not offend other design choices in the room. You can always dress it up with a few lively pillows or drape bright throw blankets for contrast.

If your couch is currently one of your go-to’s for Zoom meetings and group calls, make it fashion, or make it fun!

4.) The Four-Legged Guest Room.

On occasion, we might find ourselves at home with more heads than beds. Especially over a holiday season, or depending on how many rooms we have to spare.

A sleeper sofa is a great solution for extra overnight guests or when your kids host slumber parties!

We love this sleeper sofa for its efficiency and design. A guest will be comfortable all night long and into the next day when it easily transforms back to a comfortable seating option.

5.) Stage a Stargazing Lounge.

With more and more people entertaining at home these days, many of us are reigniting old spaces and finding creative ways to design engaging “nooks” both indoors and outdoors.

Define “new” areas outside your home to enjoy al Fresco dining or spots to spend leisure time and entertain friends. Outdoor entertaining is year-round in many parts of the world, and the same curl-up cravings apply outdoors as they do inside!

How great is this outdoor couch set in neutral tones with deep cushions for the ultimate stargazing and s’mores night:

Well, it’s probably time to start searching for that sofa soulmate, maybe just in time for Valentine’s Day!

If you are inspired to learn more about options, please visit our website or instagram @jaxcofurniture and ask us anything! We are always happy to help you select that perfect piece for your home.