7 Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room

7 Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Apr 5th 2021

Sometimes in life, we just need a change. But, busy lifestyles and circumstances don’t always support a spontaneous home renovation or last-minute weekend out of town to switch things up and refresh.

We are spending a lot more time inside our homes these days, and that really is the one place where even just a little change can yield the greatest outcome on our overall energy and mood!

Routines become habits, habits become routine. We get it. But, what if your home feels routine and dull? Stale decor and tired wall paint can drain a design that years before was once bright, uplifting and on-trend.

When we are craving some fresh energy, new images and a different approach to our day-to-day, hopefully a little home design can be the stylish spoonful of medicine to cure the dwelling doldrums.

Here are 7 small updates to your living room that won’t break the bank but can break you out of the same-old, same-old.

1.) You Say Couch Potato, I say Tomato!

The couch is the easiest place in the house to get “stuck”. It’s comfortable, usually has a screen nearby where we can easily drift off to, sink down and turn off the day.

But, a couch itself can also feel stuck.

It’s the centerpiece of a room and making some updates to this one piece of furniture has the potential to really turn things around.

First, if you have been staring at the same color fabric and that one red wine stain on the left cushion for years, try a new slipcover on for size! Peruse Pinterest to find a fabric or pattern that you love, or keep things neutral and swap out the current couch cover for a microfiber one that rejects and protects against spills and stains. Toss in a set of tomato colored throw pillows and you just went from ho-hum potato to exotic tomahhhhto.

Take it one step further and say Sayonara to the couch altogether! Replacing a couch with two sleek club chairs or a pretty loveseat can make a room look larger and create the allure of a sophisticated seating vignette.

We love this tiny but mighty sofa that feels more like a high glam loveseat! Upholstered in onyx black velvet with a pewter nailhead trim, it's both chic and fashionable!

2.) Wallflowers are Back

Wallpaper is the new black. With so many styles to choose from and so many ways to hang it (hello, peel and stick decal wallpaper!) it could not be easier or more fun to get really creative when choosing a wallpaper pattern that can bust up old stagnant energy and invite in a whole new visual vibe.

3.) Leave It & Layer Up

Leave everything in the room “as is” and save yourself the time and energy to move out and reload. Instead, choose a few strategic spots in your living room where you can layer in new color and patterns. Weaving in a fresh set of pillows for the couch layered with a boho-chic throw like this one is a quick and easy update:

Or, try placing an area rug on top of an existing rug to add more color and depth to the floor space.

Layer a large piece of art right on top of a contrasting wallpaper pattern and invite a visual feast for the eyes. A simple stack of beautiful coffee table books layered on top of an ottoman will also add a lot of charm.

This tufted cushioned ottoman doubles as a luxury bar cart when layering on top a cocktail tray, flowers and treats:

3.) The Zamboni Effect

You know when you are at the ice rink and the Zamboni machine slowly begins clearing the ice between games or performances, oh, it’s just a feeling! Try creating your own Zamboni effect right at home.

Skate through your living room with a jet Swiffer or let your little Roomba go wild on that dance floor. If you spot anything around that is torn, broken, chipped or worn, donate or dispose right away.

You will feel so much better once there is a clean, decluttered living room space for you to revisit and then decide what updates you want to pursue.

4.) Lighten Up

Maybe you had a set of floor lamps or a bulky chandelier installed when you first moved into your home a decade ago? Those table lamps positioned next to your sitting area are frumpy and clunky. And, if you are honest, you never really turn those on to read in the living room anyway. Remove all the lights. Start fresh.

Reach for a high design update with this beauty. Its black metal and marble shades offer a modern and elegant mood. It's installed with dimmers so you can set the tone of your living room with a simple swipe.

5.) Make Nature Your New Tenant

Bringing the outdoors in instantly elevates a space.

Adding ‘living’ decor to your ‘living’ room (makes sense, right?) is an inexpensive way to infuse the air with healthy oxygen and add a new and natural aesthetic update.

If you feel unsure that you have the time to care for a whole new plant family, try creating a Cacti wall or a succulent garden, both require little effort and look beautiful in a room.

6.) So Tired of Staring at Those Walls?

Modern inventions have made DIY an incredible industry. These days, retiling walls, floors or a backsplash does not have to be a full blown renovation. Contractors can be hired for free on YouTube and HGTV, and you just need one trip to Home Depot or to your laptop to procure the right supplies.

Could the living room benefit from a new wall tile over the fireplace? Or, maybe that floor would look more refined in a peel and stick version of a terracotta or birch white wood?

There are so many tile styles, patterns and textures available on the market these days, and with all the money you are saving on labor, you can revive your room more than once for years to come!

7.) Create a Gallery Wall

Typically, a gallery wall is designed on the largest wall space in the living room and often this installation hangs over a couch. Make yours as creative and personal as you desire, adorn with rare paintings and brass framed vintage mirrors or opt for fun photographs from family vacations and the pictures your kids brought home from art class.

This black and white fabric wall art in an abstract design is a great piece that could fit into virtually any styled gallery wall!

Is there a room in your home that really needs an update? What items on your list do you want to tackle first? Give us a visit in person or online, we would love to help update your home, and will always aim to work with your budget and lifestyle.