A Guide to Outdoor Furniture Types and Materials that Are Weather Resistant

A Guide to Outdoor Furniture Types and Materials that Are Weather Resistant

Posted by Lauren Rogers on Mar 3rd 2020

Creating your own backyard oasis is a dream we all have, whether we live in a tiny apartment or a home with multiple acres. We read, sketch out, and plan all the details that will make our outdoor spaces perfectly match that photo we saved on Pinterest. After finding a beautiful outdoor set, we’re ready to relax with friends and family in our new paradise.

But, will it last?

Before you blindly shop online in your excitement, take a second to think about all the details that will make this a lasting purchase. When purchasing outdoor furniture, material is of utmost importance. Although you may be tempted to buy cheap since the furniture will live outdoors, choosing something that will last is directly related to what it’s made of.

Here is a simple guide to outdoor furniture types and materials that will stand the test of time.

Before getting into the specific materials, let’s talk about the weather.

Sun, Wind, and Rain

If you live in a sunny, rainy, or wintery area, be sure to choose materials that are very durable and can survive extreme temperatures. Extreme heat and cold will definitely affect your furniture over time. Wind can also be a more sneaky enemy of your furniture! Make sure what you buy is heavy enough to withstand a windy fall day.

Mold, Mildew, and Rust

The clear enemies of outdoor furniture, mold, mildew, and rust are what happens to furniture made of poor materials or not taken care of. Do you live in a humid or moist area? Organic materials are more likely to cause mold or mildew. These substances can be cleaned off, but constant vigilance is required on the part of the owner. Iron and steel are more likely to decompose if they’re constantly exposed to water, which is why salt in the air and water cause outdoor furniture to rust in coastal regions.

Cleaning and Care

A simple going over with soap and water every few weeks can lengthen the life of your outdoor furniture. Other pieces may require more care, such as special cleaners or products. Be sure to ask us what all is needed to take care of your furniture and we’ll set you up!


Aluminum is a great resource for outdoor furniture. Many of our outdoor furniture use aluminum in some capacity. Powder-coated for added durability, the sturdy, rust-proof aluminum frame is sure to weather the seasons beautifully.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Durable and rust proof, the dark brown-finished aluminum construction with a hint of distressing is made for season after season of enjoyment. This specific piece includes a slat-style top and shelf for easy water drainage.

Outdoor Cocktail Table

Resin Wicker

High-quality resin wicker is an eco-friendly and highly durable option for outdoor furniture. Pretty enough for trendy interiors, yet durable enough to weather the elements, this outdoor bar stool rises to the challenge beautifully. Handwoven resin wicker over rust-proof aluminum merges high style with low maintenance.

Outdoor Resin Wicker Barstools


Outdoor furniture made with certain woods can survive for decades. For that much more weather protection, the loveseat’s eucalyptus wood frame with tapered touches and slat styling is treated to a 5-step finishing process. Soft yet remarkably durable, the included cushions and colorful throw pillows are wrapped in a high-performing, low-maintenance Nuvella® fabric you’re sure to love.

Outdoor Wood Furniture


Plastic pieces are lightweight, inexpensive, and only growing in popularity. Made of a hearty hard plastic material with a touch of texture, this plastic chair is sure to weather the seasons beautifully. Designed to shed rainwater, the chair’s slatted styling with shell back shaping provides exceptional form and function.

Plastic Adirondack Chair

There are more materials choices out there, so come in to learn more about which material is right for your outdoor furniture. No matter what your living situation currently is, we have furniture options for every size and need!