A How-To Guide for Choosing the Best Sofa Sectional for Your Family

A How-To Guide for Choosing the Best Sofa Sectional for Your Family

Posted by Tara Silvestri on Sep 6th 2019

How many times have you visited friends and family, and the first impression of their living space is the awesome sectional? Let's be honest. Sectionals create a fun, inviting and comfortable environment for your living, family or bonus room. The time is right. You bite the bullet and begin the shopping process for your own sectional only to be faced with seemingly endless options. The advances in design and the hundreds of choices when it comes to style, size and price can make sectional shopping an overwhelming project. How do you focus your sectional search to what fits your family and scenario best?

We have created a how-to guide for choosing a sectional based on important criteria to consider before making a purchase. A sectional sofa can be a significant investment, so it's important to weigh all of the criteria before swiping your card. Let's get into it!

Size and Depth 

The dimensions that your space require will likely be the first criteria considered. Even with many styles offering flexibility with modular designs, size is not a one-size fits all in the sectional world. How many pieces and the depth, width, and height are all important factors to consider, especially if you are shopping online. You may find a sectional with two - four pieces but it's too narrow. Have your tape measure in hand and give yourself a range of dimensions that will meet your needs so when you are researching online you will be able to rule out or rule in based on the overall size. Sectionals can come with as few as two pieces and up to 10 or more. Some are extremely deep which might not work well if you need a sectional that is more comfortable for sitting as opposed to lounging.

Hallenberg Fog Loveseat & Sofa with Corner Wedge Sectional

The Hallenberg Fog Loveseat & Sofa with Corner Wedge Sectional is an example of a small sectional that is designed for sitting. It's elegant, stylish and is a perfect fit for smaller living rooms. The beautiful nailhead trim contribute to the more formal style of this sectional.

What's Your Style?

The style of your sectional may depend on the location in your home where it will be placed. For example, many people choose sectionals for TV, bonus, or family rooms that are designed to be family and kid-friendly. These rooms in the home can often be away from the main living area or even in a separate room which allows you to close the door. A relaxed, "messy" look could suit you just fine in these kinds of rooms. On the contrary, you may have an open floor plan where you prefer a more structured, classic design that still offers comfort.  

Bellaire Contemporary Teal and Chrome Sectional

The Bellaire Contemporary Teal and Chrome Sectional is a highly stylized statement piece that adds luxurious seating and style to any home. It boasts velvety upholstery, sleek stainless steel legs, and nailhead accents. A practical feature is the hidden storage compartment inside the chaise for the perfect place to stash movies, board games, or blankets.

Savesto Charcoal LAF Corner Chair, Armless Chair, Wedge, Armless Chair & RAF Corner Chair Sectional

Our Savesto Sectional is an example of the popular "Cloud" sectional. With loose feather-blend cushions, this sectional not only looks comfortable, it feels comfortable. This 5-piece sectional comes with reversible back and seat cushions that are wrapped in a cottony soft fabric for cloud-like comfort. Its crisp, clean lines and track arm styling give a modern vibe that will work from farmhouse to condo.


The fabrication of a sofa sectional is a very important factor that mistakenly can sometimes be an afterthought. With attention paid towards the size and style, it's not uncommon to make a decision without regard to the fabric which can be a detriment down the road. Criteria to consider are durability, stain resistance, slipcover vs upholstered, etc... Do you have young children and pets that require extra consideration in these areas? Would leather be a viable option for your scenario? Similar to style and size, there are a multitude of fabric options from which to choose. Choose wisely and don't skip serious thought regarding the texture of your potentially largest furniture investment.

Maier Charcoal 3 Pc. Left Arm Facing/Right Arm Facing Sectional

The Maier Charcoal Sectional is upholstered in a microfiber fabric which is an ultra soft polyester fabric that is stain-resistant, durable and water-resistant which makes it ideal for well-used furniture and homes with kids and pets. The comfortable contemporary design of the sectional features plush boxed seating and back cushions which gives comfort while enhancing your home's decor with jumbo stitch detailing and tufted accents. 

Sectional Design and Structure

One of our favorite aspects of sectional living is the new and improved modular designs. As the name suggests, most sectionals come in sections or individual pieces that allow for different configurations that can be customized to your living space. Need a linear layout? No problem. Does a U-shape work better in your room? Go for it. The flexiblity offered with modular sectionals make them a popular option among consumers. Again, before purchasing, consider your living space and what the optimal configuration should be. Non-modular sectionals with fewer pieces are always an option if the style and layout work well for your home. 

Chamberly Alloy 5 Pc. Left Arm/Right Arm Facing Sectional

With ample combinations to create a modular sectional that adapts to fit into any living room space, the stunning contemporary design of the Chamberly-Alloy Sectional features sleek set-back arms along with beautifully shaped seating and back cushions to offer plenty of style and comfort.

Altari Alloy LAF Sofa & RAF Corner Chaise Sectional

We love the straight and simple lines in the Altari Alloy plush sectional. The wide track arms and exposed feet combine to make the perfect blend of modern and casual. The length extension courtesy of the chaise lounge provide ample space for leisure or Sunday afternoon naps.

Do You Want Motion? 

Motion furniture today is not your grandpa's recliner. Driven by innovation and technology, motion furniture is any piece of furniture that has the technology built in to propel movement. The movement can be manual or power which is controlled by an electrical source. Today's motion furniture offers supreme comfort without the eye sore from recliners of decades past. 


Motion-lovers, this one is for you! The Spartacus Haze Power Reclining Sectional is a six-piece sectional offering plush comfort with the luxury of its two power recliners on each end that also feature power headrests. Between those, you'll find an armless recliner, an armless chair, a corner wedge and a multifunctional storage console with cupholders. Football season, here we come!

If you're in the Jacksonville area, stop by our store to see a wide selection of sectional sofas we have in-store. One of our associates can discuss financing options and a protection plan to protect your investment. Our protection covers rips, tears, stains, and burns that are typically outside of the manufacturer's normal warranty coverage. 

Happy Sectional Shopping!

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