Dining Room Design: Popular Trends in Jacksonville, FL

Dining Room Design: Popular Trends in Jacksonville, FL

Posted by JaxCo Furniture and Mattress on Oct 28th 2022

If you want to redesign your dining room, then you need to read this first. Here we give you the most popular dining room design trends in Jacksonville, FL.

You welcome your guests into your Jacksonville, FL, home, and they make a beeline to your dining room. But to your surprise, the deep-fried turkey hasn't captured their attention. Your dining room has.

Recent research shows that less than 50% of Americans currently use tables when dining at home -- much less than the 75% who grew up eating at the table. But you are proud to be bucking the trend.

The question is, how can you elevate the look and feel of your dining room? Here is a look at the most popular dining room design trends in Jacksonville, FL, to try ahead of the holiday season.

Let's dig in (so to speak)!

Upholstered Furnishings

Remember when taking part in a formal dining experience meant sitting on unwelcoming, hard furniture that forced you to sit straight up?

Fortunately, those days are gone. Nowadays, one of the most popular dining room designs in Jacksonville, FL, is comfortable upholstered seating.

Serve up your favorite culinary creations in an atmosphere of luxe comfort simply by using chairs with cushioned foam seats and polyester fabric upholstery.

These chairs will immediately make guests feel exceptionally comfortable. At the same time, those with contoured back designs and some geometric flair will keep them dining in style.

Leather Upholstery 

For an ultra-sophisticated and bold look, choose leather or faux leather upholstery for your chairs. This type of upholstery will make a statement instantly.

With leather, the upholstery can also be long-lasting and hard-wearing when properly cared for. Leather is therefore an excellent option if sustainability is one of your main goals (more on this later).

What homeowners like about leather upholstery is that several leather hues are available today. Choose a black, brown, or gray leather piece for a contemporary look.

Cord Upholstery

Another popular upholstery option is velvet-textured material.

Velvet has taken center stage for living room sofas and chairs for several years. However, it is finally picking up steam in the dining room.

A significant benefit of velvet is its durability and practicality, as it is simple to clean. Velvet upholstery offers a high-style and luxurious look. However, because it doesn't have loose threads or raised weaves that can easily be snagged, you can be confident your velvet decor will look good for years.

All-White Decor

As you walk down memory lane, you may fondly recall your mother's or grandmother's all-white kitchen. Although all-white is no longer in vogue in the kitchen, it's very much in style in the dining room. So, spruce up your dining space with a snow-white look that will turn heads and captivate hearts.

For example, introduce white walls, drapes, ceilings, and furniture into your dining area.

Note that not all of your furnishings have to be brilliant white. Instead, choose subtly different white shades, like eggshell white, pearl, ivory, and warm white. You can combine these shades seamlessly and harmoniously to generate a genuinely calming sanctuary.

White is a good color for the dining room for a couple of other reasons. First, it offers a fresh, refreshing, and crisp appearance. Second, it enhances the natural light coming into the room through windows and doors.

White layers in your dining room are perfect for telling a pure, beautiful, and snow-themed design story come Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Japandi Decor

If you are all about minimalism, you cannot get any simpler than all-white. But Japandi decor is another way to stretch your design imagination to tap into the beauty of the minimalist movement.

Japandi combines the minimalist design ethos from Japan with Scandinavia's natural design, which focuses heavily on wood and earthy tones, like terracotta mustard. This design style is popular in the bathroom setting. However, it likewise lends itself to your dining room.

To introduce Japandi to your eating space, introduce wooden chairs and a wooden table to the area. Then, add Japanese design elements for a distinct dining room finish.

Round Dining Tables

As you shop for the perfect dining room table, consider choosing a round one instead of a square or rectangular option.

Using a round table is a popular dining room design trend in Jacksonville, FL, because it allows for intimate conversations. Round tables also utilize your space more effectively. You will appreciate this if the room you have available for chairs and a table is limited.

Your round table may be wooden. Alternatively, choose a table that a company has created by using bamboo. Either way, if your table is round, it will be on trend based on today's popular dining room designs.


For decorating your table, tablescaping is all the rage in Jacksonville, FL. This design trend involves more than giving each diner a place setting. Instead, it consists in designing and implementing a unique theme for your table.

For example, dress up your table with linen napkins and tablecloths, as well as candles, trays, and even flowers.

Keep in mind that tablescapes can be either complex or simple. The most important thing is that your tablescape is memorable and effective. 

Smoked Glass Light Fittings

In all your efforts to create the perfect tablescape for your dining room table, don't forget to look up, too. Light fittings will either make or break your dining room's design look and feel.

For a truly stylish appearance, go with smoked glass fittings. A clear glass fitting can make an impact due to its being reflective, transparent, and beautiful, as it lets light escape.

However, smoked glass will bathe your dining room in a warm, subtle light. The light won't be too bright for your room.

Smoked glass pendants are the perfect selection if you want to make your dining room contemporary and glam. If you find a smoked glass tabletop, light shade, or vase, don't be bashful about adding them to the mix, too.

Bold Hues

Earlier, we discussed the allure of creating an all-white dining room layout. But we realize that all-white might not necessarily be your thing.

No worries.

Bold and bright hues are also staples in today's popular dining room designs in Jacksonville, FL. That means you can feel free to paint your walls purple if you wish. Alternatively, if going overboard with color isn't for you, introduce a handful of accent pieces across the space.

Embrace the Beauty of Blue

Blue is a lovely color to choose for your dining room layout. This color is exceptionally versatile and easy to add to your dining setting.

For example, you can coordinate artwork and decor accents in blue. You can also define the dining area using a gorgeous blue rug.

Dining chairs with blue upholstery will especially guarantee you the striking interior you want. And opal lamps or retro-patterned blue draperies can add some eye-catching graphic touches.

Soft blue can also be lovely when combined with wood and warm white hues.

Sustainable Decor

As we also mentioned earlier, sustainability might be your chief aim as you seek to incorporate new design trends into your dining space. If so, feel free to utilize sustainable materials in your dining room, like ash wood or rattan.

You can also upcycle old dining room chairs from your attic. Or, feel free to add furniture made from reclaimed materials, like reclaimed wood fibers and salvaged timber. Alternative sustainability strategies for the dining room include simply purchasing long-lasting furnishings or even shopping vintage.

Sustainability will likely be the common thread running through all trend forecasts in the years ahead. Fortunately, the above-listed tips are easy ways of introducing a sustainable ethos into your eating space.

Marble Tabletops

Love marble? You are in luck. Marble, an ancient material, is gaining traction in the dining rooms of Jacksonville, FL.

Marble tabletops scream luxury, which is one of the top reasons to add one to your dining room. However, because marble is a polished material, it also reflects light. This means it will catch your guest's eye as soon as they enter your dining room.

Marble offers the additional benefit of pairing well with anything wooden. So, if you have wooden chairs, they'll go with your new marble tabletop.

Rugs Made of Fur

Are you a fur guy or a gal? Then borrow from Scandinavia's design style to add a fur or cowhide rug to your dining room.

As you explore popular dining room designs, you may view this trend as being random. However, it is not a surprise to anybody familiar with the decor of modern country houses or Scandinavian design interiors.

The fur trend is also expected if you are following the sustainability movement. That is because fur rugs are known to age beautifully. For this reason, homeowners view them as sustainable decor options.

In addition to being viewed as eco-friendly, fur rugs stand out for being comfortable, inviting, and luxurious. You can easily place one beneath your dining table or next to it to frame your dining area. As an alternative, you can drape your dining room chairs in fur.

Hanging Greenery

Plants are taking up more room than ever before in modern interior decor. And the same is true for the dining room.

You do not necessarily have to generate an indoor gazebo in your Jacksonville, FL, home. All you have to do is place some hanging plants around the dining room.

These plants are a fresh way to complement any natural elements, like wood, in your room. They're especially great to incorporate into your room if the tablescape you've chosen is a nature-themed one.

The reality is, though, that virtually everybody loves hanging plants. So, they fit well into just about any dining room aesthetic.

Use them if your dining room has a dark and contemporary feel or a bohemian maximalism vibe. You can also add plants if your dining room pays homage to the Nordic style, known for its blend of soft hues and textures.

In any of these scenarios, your plants will surely usher in a feeling of well-being. They will also create some welcome dramatic moments in your holiday gathering space.

Multifunctional Dining Tables

Yet another way to take your dining room layout to the next level is to add a multifunctional dining table. In other words, it is time to marry aesthetics and function in your modern dining room.

You can do this by choosing a table that you can extend. That means you could accommodate a significant homework project and an exciting dinner party all at the same time if you wanted to.

Extendable tables are great for socialites who enjoy hosting parties in Jacksonville, FL. Use the table to cater for holiday feasts or everyday dining.

Look for a dining table that can effortlessly seat 6-8 people. Ideally, choose a dark brown table for a classy look.

Next, make the table stylish with a centerpiece and bright table mats. Your centerpiece can be a candle or even a vase of flowers.

Then, be sure to finish your look with multifunctional chairs. We are talking about chairs that work as both dining room chairs and office chairs. Creamy nude or soft brown chairs would look great in this application.

Finally, glamorous statement lights that can double as task lights are in order to complete your design.

Coastal Decor

To make your dining room even more beautiful and inviting in sunny Jacksonville, FL, choose a water-themed design.

For instance, add decorative accents of mustard yellow, cream, gray, and blue. These hues create the perfect coastal hue palette. They also look great when you pair them with stained wood floors.

Alternatively, give your dining room the seaside spirit it needs by covering your walls with shiplap. Also, add woven chairs and light fixtures.

Next, add sand-colored and aqua-colored upholstery to the scene. Finally, complete the look with a beautiful aerial photo of a beach.

If you have water-themed artwork on your dining wall, consider also creating a gorgeous backdrop of white, wood, and black. This restrained design will allow your serene water artwork to steal the limelight.

Farmhouse Feeling

Have you always loved the idea of coming home to an intimate farmhouse? Turn your dining room into a farmhouse with floors made of white oak. Also, add rustic beams to the ceiling.

Next, outfit your dining room with a table that looks like concrete. Add black chairs with spindle backs, too.

As a general rule of thumb, today's farmhouse design reflects rustic charm, simplicity/minimalism, and practicality. Therefore, include furnishings that reflect country design's aesthetics and stylishness. At the same time, the decor should be cozy, warm, and comfortable.

For instance, go for a worn, weathered look. Also, add natural materials to your space wherever possible.

Wood and Other Hues/Elements

Another way to spruce up your dining room is to mix wood with other colors or design elements.

For instance, incorporate wood, white, and black. You can add a black wooden table and woven seating to your space. Then, allow a linear chandelier to hang down from a ceiling made from reclaimed wood.

You can also combine wood with a wall featuring faux stone. Complete your dining room's look with wishbone-style dining chairs. 

The above-mentioned decor offers the perfect contemporary spin on the types of kitchens traditionally found in southern France.

Rustic Atmosphere

The rustic look is another dining room design trend that you can expect to remain popular for years to come.

Keep in mind that a rustic-looking room does not have to look old-fashioned or rough. Instead, you should create a room that feels lived-in and welcoming.

To achieve this, decorate your dining room with wood tables and distressed paint. Also, add neutral tones and metal accents.

Rustic dining decor is an excellent way to create a casual and comfortable place that your family members and guests will enjoy each year.

Dining Room Bench

If you want to further draw all eyes to your dining space, consider adding a dining bench to your room. Dining room benches stand out for being both stylish and practical.

From a practical standpoint, dining benches are excellent space savers. That is because you can slide your bench beneath your table when no one is using it. This means more room for people walking through the space.

More individuals can fit on a single bench as well. So, if you have many guests over, you can easily squeeze an additional diner at your table.

From a style standpoint, dining benches add visual interest and character to any dining space. They are a good choice if you want to create a modern farmhouse appearance.

Note that dining benches are ideal for smaller dining rooms. They also work well in small spaces that combine dining rooms and living rooms. This type of bench may especially be handy if your table has one side that rests against a dining room window.

Mid-Century Modern (MCM)

The MCM decorating style is also in, and it looks like it will not be going away anytime in Jacksonville, FL.

This design style is similar to the farmhouse style in that it places more emphasis on function and less on form. However, unlike the rustic vibe of the farmhouse style, the MCM style is retro.

To channel this style, choose furniture that does not have much ornamentation. In addition, choose geometric and organic shapes. Consider also juxtaposing contrasting materials (more on that next).

Mixing Opposing Decor Materials

Another popular design trend in Jacksonville, FL, is to mix decorative materials that don’t seem to go together at the outset.

For example, impress guests with buffet servers featuring two tones. Or, you can capture their attention with an acacia table featuring a stunning steel base. The right combination can create a balanced, stylish, and cohesive look that feels organic, not matchy.

Also, if you are all about the glam and glitz, mix various elements of silver and gold throughout the dining room. You can do this with wall art, candlesticks, and vases, for example. You will end up with a formal and attractive set that all your guests won’t stop praising.

For a more rustic look, combine a woven fiber rug and caned chairs with brass-toned cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures. 

Neon Signs

Finally, if you are a show person who likes to have a good time, then neon signs for the dining room are right up your alley.

These attention-drawing signs are a great way to get your dining atmosphere buzzing. They will make your guests feel like they are dining at a downtown bistro. And as a result, they will instantly be the talking point of your get-together.

However, your neon light will brighten up more than just your dining room -- it will brighten up your life.

Many memories are made each year in the dining room. So, spice up those conversation-filled holidays and laughter-filled birthday memories with some neon lighting year after year.

How We Can Help You to Capitalize on the Top Dining Room Design Trends

With the right dining room design options, you can create a gathering place that feels inviting and looks classy to your guests. From the rustic look to coastal decor, you can introduce a dining room theme that reflects your personality and enhances your home's look.

At JaxCo, we take pride in offering top-quality furnishings for the entire house, from the dining room to the bedroom and everywhere in between. We also offer various accents, such as rugs and art.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our broad selection of furniture and decor, and shop today!