Free and Cheap Ways to Spruce Up A Room

Posted by Duval on Jan 2nd 2019

Upgrading your furniture is fun. It can change the dynamic of your living space and even help you destress. There’s something exhilarating about having a “new” place to spend time. Some place that you’ve brought to life with creative ideas.

The cool part is that upgrading a room doesn’t have to be expensive or even time-consuming. Home improvement experts will say that adding a fresh coat of paint is a cheap way to improve the look of a room and add value. We totally agree! But after that new coat of paint has dried, the same old stuffy stuff you’ve had stuffed in that room is still sitting there.

There’s always the option to go buy a whole new set of furniture for the room (which we’d be more than happy to assist with). However, the list below covers ideas to improve a room with a finite budget in case you don’t want to start from scratch.


It’s simple (and free), but the first way to spruce up the room is to rearrange the furniture. You may want to follow the Feng shui approach or simply start moving stuff around till it works.

We believe in the mantra from Dieter Rams, “Less but better.” With that in mind, remove anything that’s unnecessary. Give yourself a blank canvas. This will make adding pieces easier once you’re not married to a mostly full room.

Use the example of a Study/Library. Remember what the room is being used for and how often (i.e. sitting to read every Saturday morning). Then let that influence all your decisions. Keep your walkways two to three feet wide and add the appropriate functional items (i.e. cozy blankets) from other parts of the house.

Finally, try something crazy! Put the sofa on the other side of the room, make the desk face the window instead of the wall, angle the bookshelf in the corner. Going through this exercise can help get your creative juices going. Think through possibilities and give your vision flexibility.


Sometimes the smallest change can update a worn out piece of furniture. Consider changing out the hardware on case goods.

If the renovation is the kitchen, look to the handles on your cabinets and drawers. A change from brushed nickel to a dull gold could make the room pop. Add in different colored hand towels and you’ve got a whole new look. Lowe’s, Home Depot, ACE, and most hardware stores have numerous handle options from which to choose.

If it’s a bedroom, you have even more alternatives. You can go with the aforementioned handles from a hardware store, or you can get even more creative. Hobby Lobby and crafting stores carry knobs that can upgrade your room with the enthusiasm of a high school cheer squad. It’s as simple as finding a phillips head screwdriver and unscrewing the handles to replace them with new ones.

If you have spare rope laying around, simply remove the old handles and replace them with rope for a totally new look and feel. Below are a few cool ideas that were found on Pinterest.


Many designs for sofas and bedroom sets (aka larger pieces for the home) are being produced in more neutral colors. Grey, white, beige, and stone pieces can be found on every showroom floor nowadays. This makes for clean, bright spaces. But it also allows you to quickly change the look of a room with just a few accents.

vibrant throw over the side of a white sofa adds a brand new dynamic. And if you’re a seasonal decorator, it’s not too pricey to have one for various times of year: orange for autumn, red or green for Christmas, etc.

The JaxCo Furniture team loves accent pillows. Bedding sets and living room pieces always come with a few throw pillows but that doesn’t mean you have to use them. Jazz things up by tossing the stock pillows in the closet and adding something that makes the room groove like these.

Another idea is adding a poof ottoman. These don’t necessarily have to be set in front of furniture like a traditional ottoman. Rather, they tend to float around the room as needed, especially if there are kids in the home.

Speaking of things on the floor, don’t forget rugs. They’re pricier than throws, poofs, or pillows, but they also have the power to dynamically update the look of a room. If you’re going to do a complete overhaul without replacing furniture, start with your rug and build around it. Remember, it’s easier to find smaller accents to match a rug than it is to find a rug to match a small accent.

And we’re probably not supposed to say this but… sometimes the best place for neat accent pieces (including plants in the next section) can be found at garage sales for $5!


Most of us don’t want an austere home, adding greenery can make a room feel welcome. Live plants are awesome, but be sure to water them and allow ample sunlight. Another living option is to get succulents like cactus or aloe. They need minimal care and bring that same life into a space.

Fake plants are amazing because they are real plants that have been dried and preserved. Moss balls fit into many vases to add color as well as life. This is some amazing plant inspiration from our friends at the Heidi House in Nashville, TN. 

Whatever free or cheap ways you choose to spruce up your room, JaxCo Furniture has tons of options and would love to help you find what suits your home best.