Furniture in Jacksonville, FL: How to Pick the Perfect Mattress Size

Furniture in Jacksonville, FL: How to Pick the Perfect Mattress Size

Posted by JaxCo Furniture and Mattress on Oct 28th 2022

You need to consider a few factors when choosing a mattress size for your bedroom. Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect bed for your bedroom.

As humans, we spend a lot of our lives in bed. We spend about a third of our life sleeping or trying to fall asleep. So, it's no wonder people put so much thought into their mattresses.

From buying the correct type of mattress to picking the right mattress size, there is a lot to consider when shopping for a new bed. Today, we want to help you with this complete guide to choosing a mattress.

We will discuss the different mattress sizes. Plus, we will give you tips for determining the right mattress for your size of bedroom, lifestyle needs, and many more factors.

Are you ready to start shopping for your new mattress to get the best sleep of your life? Then keep reading this guide because we are answering all of your questions below.

What Are the Different Mattress Sizes?

Before shopping for mattresses, you need to know what to expect. After all, beds come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and price ranges.

The different types of mattresses include:

  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Latex Mattresses
  • Airbeds

As you go down the list, the price typically increases. But what about mattress sizes? Any mattress you choose will come in one or more of the following sizes.

Twin Mattresses

Aside from crib mattresses, twin beds are the smallest type of mattress you can buy today. The standard twin-sized mattress is about 38 inches by 75 inches. That is about 3 feet by 6 feet plus some change.

Twin-sized beds are ideal for toddlers and young children. But you should avoid putting twin beds in rooms where someone taller than six feet will sleep.

Twin XL Mattresses

Twin XL beds offer the same width as a regular twin mattress. The difference is that Twin XL mattresses have a greater length. Twin XL mattresses measure 38 inches in width by 80 inches in length.

You would typically find a Twin XL mattress in a college dorm room. About 80% of colleges and universities report furnishing dorm rooms with Twin XL beds.

These beds offer just enough space for a single sleeper. But they have the added benefit of being long enough for someone taller than six feet.

Another thing to note about Twin XL mattresses is that two of them can make a split king bed. In addition, these beds feature two side-by-side twin mattresses so that each sleeper can control their side of the bed.

Full Mattresses

Full-sized beds are a step up in width compared to Twin beds. But they do not offer as much length as a Twin XL-sized mattress. The average Full mattress measures 54 by 75 inches or 4.5 feet by about 6 feet.

You will likely find Full mattresses in the rooms of teens, young adults, singles, and some couples. However, many couples do not prefer full-sized beds because they offer limited space.

Full XL Mattresses

Like Twin XL beds, Full XL mattresses offer the same width as a regular Full but with added length for taller sleepers. In this case, a Full XL mattress measures 54 inches by 80 inches or about 4.5 feet by 6.7 feet.

The one thing to note about Twin XL and Full XL mattresses is that they are not standard sizes. Unfortunately, that means most bedding manufacturers do not create sheets and comforters for XL-sized beds.

The good news is that you can make a standard-sized bedding set fit with the help of large pillows to cover the gaps.

On the other hand, you may have to search harder or order custom bedding if you want a perfect fit.

Queen Mattresses

Now, we are starting to get into mattresses meant for adults. First, the Queen mattress offers more width and length than a Full-sized mattress. These beds measure 60 by 80 inches or five by 6.7 feet.

Queen mattresses are ideal for single sleepers with large wingspans and couples. Plus, most bedroom sizes will fit a queen-sized bed and mattress.

King Mattresses

The King mattress is the best choice for couples, especially if you have cuddly kids, pets, or both. It is 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. That equals over six square feet of sleeping room.

The advantage of a king-sized mattress is that it offers plenty of space for multiple sleepers. But the disadvantages include a high price tag for the bed itself and the bedding you need to fit on it.

The average room is not spacious enough to fit a king-sized bed. Therefore, we recommend only choosing this bed and mattress size if you have 12 square feet or more space.

California King Mattresses

The largest mattress of all is the California King, also known as a Cali King. Cali King mattresses are the largest on the market without having to choose a custom option. They measure 72 by 85 inches or six by 7 feet.

As you can see, Cali King mattresses offer less width than a standard king mattress. However, the benefit is that it provides more foot area, which is especially great for couples whose pets sleep at the end of the bed.

Like XL-sized mattresses, the Cali King's unique measurements can make it hard to find bedding.

But the good news is that standard King-sized sheets and comforters usually fit on a Cali King just fine.

Custom Mattresses

So, what if none of these mattress sizes works for your and your family's unique needs? You could try a custom mattress if you have the money to spare.

Custom mattresses come in all sizes, even those we have not listed here. But remember that you will have to pay a high price for your bespoke bed.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size

Now that you understand the different types of mattresses and their sizes, you can start to narrow down your options. Choosing a mattress will depend on whether you have a bedframe already, the size of your bedroom, and more.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the right mattress size based on a few essential criteria.

Measure Your Bed Frame

If you already have a bed frame you would like to use, your job of finding the right mattress size is easy. All you have to do is measure your bedframe to find out what kind of mattress fits on it.

You may already know the size of your bed frame, which is even better! You can start searching for mattresses immediately.

Otherwise, measure the length and width of your bed frame. Then, compare it to the dimensions below:

  • Twin 40–43 inches x 77–80 inches
  • Twin XL 40–43 inches x 82–85 inches
  • Full 56–59 inches x 77–80 inches
  • Full XL 56–59 inches x 82–85 inches
  • Queen 62–65 inches x 8285 inches
  • King 78–81 inches x 82–85 inches
  • Cali King 74–77 inches x 86–89 inches

If you still can not figure out the size of your bed frame, you may want to contact the manufacturer. That way, you do not end up with a mattress that is too small or too large for your chosen frame.

Measure Your Bedroom

So, say you are completely renovating your bedroom. You are buying a brand-new bed frame and mattress. The only problem is that you do not know what size mattress to get because you have not ordered the frame yet.

In this case, you should start by measuring your bedroom. Of course, the most critical measurements are the length and the width. But it would be best if you also considered how much walking space you need around the bed.

At the least, you should leave about two feet of room on all sides to maneuver around the bed. A three feet perimeter would be even more comfortable, especially for people over the average body weight.

Most experts recommend a 7x10 foot space for a Twin or Twin XL bed. However, rooms measuring around ten by 10 feet can accommodate most Full, Full XL, and Queen-sized beds.

You need an equally large room if you want a King or Cali King bed. We do not recommend trying to fit one of these large beds into a space smaller than 12 square feet.

Measure Your Bedroom Furniture

Do you plan to fit more than just your bed into your bedroom? If so, you also need to consider your additional bedroom furniture when taking room measurements.

Most modern bedrooms include two nightstands and at least one dresser in addition to the mattress and bed frame. Other standard pieces of bedroom furniture are:

  • Standing mirrors
  • End-of-bed chests
  • Chairs
  • Small loveseats or settees

The standard nightstand size depends on the size of your bed. And do not forget that you will need two nightstands, so double the measurements to keep this in mind.

If you have a Twin bed, 18 to 22 inches in width is best, while King-sized beds should have nightstands measuring 23 to 25 inches or more. Queen and Full nightstands will fall somewhere in between.

The standard dresser size depends on the type. For example, many prefer a long, horizontal dresser of about mid-height. But people with smaller bedrooms may like the space-saving benefits of vertical stacking dressers.

In terms of depth, most dressers will stick out 18 to 24 inches from the wall. Kids' dressers will be slightly smaller.

The average horizontal dresser measures about 30 to 70 inches wide. A vertical dresser usually measures approximately 60 inches in width, though some may only be half that long.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is the penultimate factor to consider when shopping for different mattress sizes. You need to ask yourself some questions to determine what size of mattress you need.

For example, how many people does the mattress need to sleep? A single individual could technically fit any bed size. But you will need a Full mattress or larger to sleep two people comfortably.

It would be best to consider whether your kids, pets, or both would want to cuddle up with you. If so, a full-sized mattress likely will not offer enough room, so you may wish to upsize to a Queen.

If your pets sleep at the end of the bed, consider a Full XL or Cali King mattress. These beds offer extra space at the end of the bed for tall individual sleepers or pets.

Are you or your loved one disabled or elderly? If so, you may need a smaller bed to create more walking space around the room. Or you may need a larger bed to allow for more mattress space to lay comfortably.

Make sure to take factors like these two and more into account when you are measuring your room.

Consider Your Budget

Last but not least, you should consider your budget, especially if you are getting a new bedframe. The larger the mattress is, the more manufacturers charge. And the same fact is true for bedframes.

Of course, size is not the only factor that goes into the price of a mattress. Mattress quality and material also play a role.

For example, the average budget-friendly Twin mattress costs $400. But you can pay over $1,000 for a luxury mattress of the same size.

All-foam mattresses tend to be the cheapest when comparing materials. For example, an all-foam Twin mattress costs an average of $500 in 2022. But the average cost is more than $1,100 for a hybrid foam/innerspring Twin mattress.

Now, let's compare these prices to the average cost for a Queen mattress. You can buy a low-cost Queen mattress for around $600. But a luxury Queen mattress will cost you an average of $1,800.

In terms of materials, an all-foam Queen mattress has an average price tag of slightly more than $1,000. Add another grand on top of that if you want a latex or hybrid Queen mattress.

You can expect to pay even more if you have your sights set on a King or Cali King-sized bed. A mattress is a significant investment, though, with higher quality mattresses costing more but lasting longer than budget options.

Mattress Size Q&A

By now, we hope you feel confident in choosing the right mattress size for your bedroom.

Do you still have questions we haven't answered yet? Then, browse our frequently asked questions Q&A below to find the answers you have been searching for! 

What Is the Best Mattress Size for Kids?

The great thing about buying mattresses for kids is that you can choose almost any size. But the most common mattress sizes for kids are Twin and Twin XL mattresses.

Twin and Twin XL mattresses are affordable. But Twin mattresses will have a lower total cost in the long run because it is easier and cheaper to find bedding for a Twin mattress than a Twin XL.

But if your child is tall, a Twin XL bed might be the best option. These affordable mattresses can fit people who are over six feet tall.

What Size Bed Should a Teenager Have?

Most teenagers can easily sleep on a Twin, Twin XL, Full, or Full XL mattress. These mattress sizes offer plenty of space for single sleepers, with Full beds offering the most width.

Again, taller teens may require more length. If this is the case for your teen, consider an XL option. These beds offer five more inches of room for your growing teenage kids.

What Mattress Size Is Good for Couples?

The minimum mattress size for a couple is a Full or Full XL. These mattresses are affordable, ideal for smaller room sizes, and offer just enough space for two people to sleep close together.

The downside of a Full or even Full XL mattress is that you will have room for cuddling but not much else. If you like to stretch out while you sleep, consider upgrading to a larger option.

King and Cali King beds offer the most space. You could even fit a newborn (or two) and a few kids beside you on a mattress this large.

However, it would help if you had a lot of space in your room to accommodate a King or Cali King bed comfortably. What's more, these mattress sizes can get pretty pricey, so budget accordingly.

The Queen size is the Goldilocks of mattresses — it is big without being too big. Plus, Queen mattress prices are usually at a sweet spot where most people can afford a budget option.

What Is the Best Mattress Size for a Guest Bedroom?

The bed you should choose for your guest room hinges on how you plan to use it. For example, will multiple adults stay in the room at once? Or do you only plan to host one relative here and there?

Consider a Full mattress if you only need room for a single sleeper. Full mattresses offer plenty of space for individuals. Plus, they are affordable, so you won't feel like you are wasting money when the guest room is vacant.

While you can also use a full-sized bed for multiple guests, Queen and King mattresses are the better options. Go for a Queen mattress if you are on a budget. Upgrade to a King is money is no option.

Want your taller guests to sleep in true luxury? Then consider a Cali King. California King mattresses are expensive, but they can offer four more inches of foot space for your tallest friends and relatives.

What Is the Most Common Mattress Size?

The most popular bed size is a Queen. But this preference may be changing! According to Mattress Clarity, the preference for king-sized mattresses increased by 56% during the pandemic.

Mattress size preferences also vary by age group. For example, 78% of Millennials and Gen Zers want King or Queen mattresses. But even more Gen X consumers report wanting a Queen or King mattress at 87%.

What Is the Best Mattress Depth?

The best mattress depth depends on the type of bed you need it for and your individual preferences.

Most modern mattresses have depths ranging from 8 to 14 inches. But standard mattresses typically measure only 8 to 12 inches. Mattresses of 12 to 16 inches in depth are known as thick or deep mattresses.

You can also get mattresses thicker and thinner than standard or deep mattresses. Slim mattresses range from 2 to 8 inches. Meanwhile, so-called extra thick or extra deep mattresses measure 16 inches in depth or more.

Slim mattresses work best for cots and crib beds. However, you could get a slim mattress for your toddler's room or a rarely-used guest room. They are also suitable for people who have limited ranges of motion.

Standard mattresses work great for people of all ages and abilities. A standard mattress on the thicker end of the range (i.e., 10 to 12 inches deep) is the ideal mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

Side sleepers should look for thick mattresses ranging from 12 to 14 inches in depth. This depth will offer enough cushion for bony hips and shoulders.

Extra deep or extra thick mattresses are well-suited to people who weigh more than 230 pounds or couples with a combined weight of more than 450 pounds. Excess weight can cause sagging, so starting with a thicker mattress can help keep your bed in good shape for longer.

Finally, make sure you measure the depth of your bed frame. Most experts recommend that your bed frame and mattress not be taller than 25 inches to accommodate sleepers of all heights more easily.

Looking for the Perfect Mattress in Jacksonville, FL?

The best bedroom mattress size depends on many factors, including your budget, room size, and lifestyle. Next time you shop for mattresses, keep this guide handy to help you pick the perfect size.

Are you searching for 'mattresses near me'? JaxCo offers high-quality home furnishings online and in our Jacksonville, FL, store. Browse our mattress selection to find the right size for your bedroom!