​How Long Is My Furniture Going To Last?

​How Long Is My Furniture Going To Last?

Posted by Shelby Rose on Sep 21st 2020

Expiration dates on the food in your refrigerator are common knowledge- however it is less commonly known how long you can expect a piece of furniture to last in your home. That is why we have compiled a list of the most common household furniture pieces and how long you can expect them to be around! What we hope you see is that furniture is a worthy investment because of its long lasting nature.

While you will not find black and white expiration dates on your new sofa like you would on a gallon of milk, there are telltale signs that it may be time to consider replacing some of your current pieces. In this blog we will share those signs as well as pro-tips to help you make your furniture last as long as possible. The beauty of furniture is that with proper care and a little TLC you can extend its lifespan!

Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home. It is where we gather to rest and connect. Therefore, it is also often a highly trafficked area. You can expect a fabric sofa in this space to last between three and fifteen years. Quality leather sofas can last 3X as long as fabric ones! Consider replacing your sofa before the seats start sagging to the point of not supporting you, the fabric has become stained and worn, and the frame is breaking down or squeaking. As you can see, a sofa is something that is going to be with your family for almost a decade. This is a great consideration to take when you are thinking about your investment. You are going to enjoy this purchase for years to come!

Pro-Tip: You can help your sofa last to its fullest potential by simply caring for it regularly. Vacuum weekly and clean with proper products only to maintain its appearance. Regularly rotate the cushions if you find yourself sitting in specific spaces to maintain the shape and avoid uneven wear. Finally, use a leather conditioner if applicable.

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Dining Room

The expected lifespan on a dining table can vary greatly from family to family because it is heavily dependent on the quality of the material and the level of daily wear and tear it receives. On average, this means your dining room table can last anywhere from one to ten (or more!) years. The top of a dining table will age with time as it braves scratches, dents, water stains, and more. While the look of a table can be tolerated, safety hazards should never be. If you start to notice lopsidedness or instability in your family’s dining table, it’s definitely time to replace.

When considering the longevity of the dining chairs surrounding the table, the expected lifespan is a bit shorter. This is because their job is literally to hold us up on a daily and nightly basis. Three major factors play a role in the lifespan of a dining chair: material, upholstery, and usage. The heavier the material and thicker the frame, the longer a chair will last. Upholstered chairs may need to be replaced if the upholstery is frayed or has holes or stains. Lastly, improper use of the chair, such as children leaning back causes premature loosening of the screws. This can cause the legs to become wobbly, unstable, and the chair may need to be replaced. Dining chairs can be expected to last anywhere from three to ten years.

Pro-Tip: If you are looking for a table that will last for many years of family meals, look for a solid wood table to maximize longevity. Then protect the table from excess scratches and moisture stains by regularly treating it with a protective finish. Though the surface of a good dining table is made to resist damage, you can take extra precaution by also using placemats or tablecloths during day-to-day use.

Also, regularly tightening the bolts on your chairs will help avoid any breakage.

P.S. Make sure to ask about our protection plans when considering the care of your furniture! Sneak Peak: For only a one-time payment of under $100 you can protect your furniture for years to come! No-brainer!

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We would confidently say that the piece of furniture you spend a third of your day on is pretty important! Therefore, purchasing a quality mattress that will last at least eight to fifteen years is a very worthy investment in our book. Signs you may need to start shopping for a new mattress are:

Sagging, Lumps, and Bumps: If you are a still sleeper you may notice deep grooves and indentations in the specific spot you sleep. Lumps and bumps on the other hand are a strong indication your mattress is starting to wear. If you start to feel back pain, it is time for something new. A manufacturer’s warranty typically covers an inch and a half dip.

Stains and Smells: If you share your mattress with pets or children it is inevitably going to be subjected to mishaps and accidents. While quality mattress liners can protect from this daily wear and tear, if you find your mattress smelling foul or with stains you cannot remove it is time to dispose and replace.

Squeaks and Creaks: These sounds are a sure sign your mattress is coming to the end of its time. These sounds are caused by the decline of the springs inside. Also pay close attention to the health of the box spring as well. What the mattress is supported on is equally important and could be a simple, inexpensive fix if your bed is noisy.

Pro-Tip: Giving it the support it needs with a solid frame (complete with a center stand) can help extend the longevity of your mattress.

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Now that you know how long furniture can truly last, we hope you see your home as a wise place to invest your energy and resources. Here at JaxCo, we want to see you live in a home you truly love to be in. Not just today, but years to come! If you are looking for a highly recommended, locally trusted store to start your shopping, we are here for all your furniture needs!

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