How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

Posted by Lauren Rogers on Oct 31st 2019

When you’re already adding holiday shopping to your monthly budget, decorating can easily fall to the bottom of your list. Who has the time (or cash on hand) to fill every corner of the house with holiday cheer?

You don’t need to break the bank to deck the halls.

In a season of glitter and, let’s face it, some excess, simplicity goes a long way. A few affordable purchases can set you up for success this year and many years after.

Year-Round Seasonal Accents

You don’t have to buy a Santa or Rudolph-themed pillow to bring the holiday spirit. Get pillows that work for the holidays AND the rest of the winter season. Warm colors like red, green, maroon, and gold brighten your furniture. Meanwhile, a white fuzzy blanket adds the cozy and cheer without the glitz.

Cozy Faux Fur Throw

Holiday Pillow

Greenery and More Greenery!

Hit up Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store and get all that garland. A simple piece of greenery can transform your table from a place for relaxing into a place for feasting. Simply placing pine around white candles on the coffee table can transform a room. Add some dried red berries for an extra pop of color.

Print Off Designs and Put Them in Frames

All those cute framed posters you see in home good stores? You can make them at home! Print off these designs or quotes in your office and hang them around your home. A cute phrase about holiday cheer (hello Pinterest) can make a corner a little more festive. 

Holiday Picture Frames

Christmas Card Display

Let the people you love help decorate your home! Whether they’re stuck on the fridge or placed in frames, Christmas cards brighten up any room and spark great conversations.

Candles and Lighting

Firewood, warm citrus, fresh mint, nutmeg...the smells of the holidays are one of the best things about the season. Whether you’re hosting a themed cocktail party or reading a good book on the couch, a nice candle can lift everyone’s spirits. Small twinkle lights in a mason jar or a tall candle on the coffee table add cozy charm to any occasion.

Lanterns Home Decor

Plan for Next Year

The markdowns at the end of the holiday season can be up to 70% off! Put a date on the calendar, sometime in early to mid-January, to raid Target and other stores for discount decor. Even just a box of these pieces in your closet can really help you out next year. Future you will thank you.