How to improve your sleep; Tips with Back In Motion and Begear

Posted by Duval on Mar 19th 2019

How to improve your sleep; Tips with Back In Motion and Begear

The typical American doesn't get enough sleep; 35.3% of us, according to the  American Sleep Association. Not only that, but according to the National Sleep Foundation, 35% report that their sleep quality is poor. 

Last week was Bedgear week here at JaxCo. If you already follow us on social media, you know that means we spent all week talking with specialists and our trusted vendors about how to improve the sleep of our customers. Dr. Colby Caltrider of Back in Motion Injury and Wellness Center stopped by to talk sleep with us. He shared a few quick and easy tips about how to improve your sleep (full video below).

  1. Limit light pollution
  2. Keep it cool (between 65-70° Fahrenheit is optimal)
  3. Maintain a healthy diet

Dr. Colby's tips are simple, but they are not necessarily easy to stick with. Establishing the discipline to follow these tips is key. Points #1 and #3 are on your, but we can help keep you cool at night!

If you're a "hot sleeper," JaxCo has specific mattresses and bedding that can help you cool your core temperature while you sleep. This ranges from pillows to sheets to mattress protectors and even mattresses with built-in cooling technology. By utilizing these products, we can help keep you cool at night, even if you forget to turn down the A/C. Contact us today if it's time you start getting a better night's sleep.

Watch our full interview (3:30 length) with Dr. Colby here: