How to Style & Design Vignettes at Home

How to Style & Design Vignettes at Home

Posted by Hilary Pereira on May 4th 2021

What is a vignette?

Webster says: “Vignettes are more focused on vivid imagery and meaning rather than plot, and can be stand-alone.”

Ask any seasoned interior designer about a vignette, and they will likely agree with Webster’s definition. When creating these ‘vivid imagery’ moments inside a home, there is a bit of theater involved. Just like a prop designer may show up to the stage to create “moments” that will be of visual impact, so can you in your home!

Here are 5 easy ways to try on some vignettes!

Design A Literary Nook

Okay, maybe it’s more like a comfortable place to cozy up with a cappuccino and scroll your social feed. The important part being that you intentionally carved out this special area to evoke a mood, and its design should reflect just that. Maybe the centerpiece of your nook is an oversized leather chair with the most stylish and snug throw draped on the arm just waiting for you to wrap up in it.

This chestnut-colored chair is upholstered in the softest Italian leather and sure to encourage nook napping:

Position a side table within your nook and watch as the vignette build continues! Clear room on top for a small vase of fresh flowers, a table lamp with dimmers (to follow your lead on light moods), a box of tissues (for the dramatic chapters) and a set of coasters to rest your drinks.

We are loving this rustic chairside end table because it provides ease, efficiency, and real-life energy to your nook!

Designed with cleverly placed AC power and USB plug-ins, this table will never let your kindle die leaving you stranded on a cliffhanger. Even better, a top pull-out tray has 2 cup holders and a remote-control rest.

A one shelf storage cabinet underneath is perfect for tucking away a pair of cozy slippers, maybe even a secret stash of dark chocolate.

Lastly when finishing this vignette, take a long gaze around your nook and make sure the supporting props and characters are playing out their roles. Is the chair facing a window with a nice view? Maybe you can direct the sightline of your nook to a fireplace for warmth and comfort? Or, your preference is total privacy so this nook is located out of main view! Wherever you choose to nook, design it with intention.

Good Things Happen in Threes

Another word for vignette is ‘grouping’, and a well- trained eye knows that three objects look better than four. Basically, odd numbers in a grouping typically appear more visually appealing than when objects are placed in equal numbers like twos or fours.

So, why are odd numbered groupings more successful at capturing our attention? Odd numbers force your eye to move around a grouping or space. You may see a pair of objects together in an instant, but you will likely look at an odd numbered grouping of objects and really take in the view.

Objet d’art

Objet d’art literally means “art object” in French. These days, an art object is usually considered a piece of art that is not a painting or drawing. Objects like small sculptures or statues, globes, vintage casts or antique miniatures and figurines all translate into the modern description of an objet d’art.

Choosing the right art objects will really upgrade your vignette. A combination of old and new objects can strike a beautiful design chord. An example might be to pile a stack of vintage architecture books next to a very modern glass sphere.

Objets d’art are also historically known to be of great value. In our modern times, value can mean monetary or it can mean sentimental. Hand sculpted clay given to you by a child may mean as much as a sterling tray from Tiffany. And, when artfully placed, that clay will look just as good!

Need a little help organizing a grouping in one place? Try hanging a floating shelf or investing in an open bookcase like this one to feature your finds:

Create a Living Vignette

Vignettes that include life are sure to grow admiration. A grouping of green plants near a flowering tree, or a row of potted herbs or succulent garden can create a captivating corner blooming with color and life.

This espresso-colored plant stand has two shelves to allow you to explore multi-level vignette mastery!

On the top of a Kitchen counter or table, try grouping together the following: a glass decanter filled with fresh water, a bowl of abundant yellow lemons, and one lemon sliced in half. Position the sliced lemon next to the decanter.

Now you have your own kitchen still-life portrait vignette!

Lighting a candle or burning a piece of sage is another way to add some aroma and life to an existing vignette anywhere in your home.

Viva La Vignette!

Make your own design statement based on what you truly enjoy. Be aspirational or inspirational. Perhaps you are a Francophile at heart and have dedicated a section of your bedroom to resemble a Parisian parlor with French inspired wallpaper and a luxurious chaise lounge.

Or, you have a home office and crave a little extra motivation. A well-designed shelf above your desk might showcase a framed photograph of what (or who) inspires you the most! A display of positive affirmations, quotes or a vision board can all be woven into a visual vignette to remind you of your dreams and goals.

As always, we at JaxCo believe designing should be intentional, affordable and fun. Please visit us online or in the store, we would love to vignette with you!