Our Top Ten Furniture Trend Predictions for 2020

Our Top Ten Furniture Trend Predictions for 2020

Posted by Lauren Rogers on Dec 2nd 2019

Our vision for home interior trends next year is 2020. We’ve been scouring furniture market trends and following the country’s hottest designers to bring you the latest in furniture fashion. Whether it’s a throwback favorite or something completely new, these trend predictions for the future will keep your home looking fresh all year long.

1. Marble/Faux Marble Top Dining Tables

White and Chrome Dining Table

Can you believe? Marble and faux-marble dining room tables are making a huge comeback. Perfect for urban living, these tables’ smaller size fits perfectly in an apartment or small home.

2. Low & Floor-Level Sectionals 

Low and Floor Level Sectionals

In order to achieve a loungy, modern vibe, sectionals are coming back into the conversation. As mid-century modern becomes an interiors religion, these cozy and intimate couches allow guests to feel at home in a sophisticated setting. Some are even floor-level, like you’d see in mediterranian parts of the world where families gather around a large rug!

3. Swivel & Motion Accent Chairs

Swivel Chairs

No matter what store you enter, these chairs seem to be everywhere. Whether in a cubicle at a large office or your tiny home office, a swivel chair gives you comfort and momentum. It can look like a traditional leather “Mad Men” style chair or a more comfortable version. 

4. Wireless Charging Stations

Let’s be real, we’ve all got a little bit of FODP (fear of dead phone) in us. That sweet feeling of relief when you’re in an Uber with 10% left and see a phone charger in the backseat. Give your guests that same feeling when they come to visit your home! You can tuck a charging station away in living rooms or beside a nightstand.

5. Skinny Track-Arm Sofas

When you’re trying to elevate your living room, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style. It’s possible to decorate for a modern vibe with plush seating. These couches’ slender arms give the room a lighter look while the seats are the same size and feel of a plush couch.

6. Cultivating Social Spaces

As more and more people learn how to cook and craft their own cocktails, the art of having people over is back! Finding a way to angle your chairs and couch together allows for better conversations and moments to connect.

7. Neutral & Earth Tones

When decorating our homes, serenity is often the goal. Soft whites, blues, and greens are on the rise. This creates a neutral palette to splash more colorful accents.

8. Floral Wallpaper

Is there anything that sparks joy more than walking into a small space and seeing a colorful wallpaper? We didn’t think so. A bathroom or reading nook immediately transforms with floral wallpaper.

9. Mixed Metals 

Mixed Metal Shelving Unit

Metal accents on pieces of furniture give an industrial, structured nod to your comfortable atmosphere. We see it in chairs, bookshelves, tables, desks, and even occasional pieces.

10. A Touch of Nature

Do plants ever really go out of style? Bringing the outside in has always been a popular way to create an optimistic, natural space. Real or fake, greenery works for every season and every occasion.