Overwhelmed When Choosing a Mattress? Our 10 Simple Steps to Your Best Mattress

Overwhelmed When Choosing a Mattress? Our 10 Simple Steps to Your Best Mattress

Posted by Lauren Rogers on Apr 8th 2020

Whether you’re single, married, a parent, or an empty nester, choosing a mattress always remains a complex (and often pricey) choice. You’ve decided that it’s finally time for a new mattress, but you're overwhelmed by the myriad of choices out there. Soft? Firm? Non-spring? Green tea?? Let’s just say things keep getting more and more sophisticated in the world of mattresses, which is exciting, but also means more information to navigate. Before you choose a mattress, take some time to ask yourself a few questions and determine your preferences.

Here are a few simple steps when choosing your ideal mattress:

1.  First, decide on your firmness level. There is a wide range of extra soft to extra firm mattresses to choose from. There are a few different things to consider, so please don’t assume you’re a “medium-level” because you aren’t sure. So, which one is right for you? Reflect on mattresses you’ve slept on and enjoyed, from a stay in a hotel to a friend’s guest room. 

2.  Think about your average body temperature. If you regularly kick the covers off at night, look into purchasing a cooling-styled mattress and stay away from memory foam as it tends to get warmer when forming to your body. If you usually get cold at night, a softer mattress could be a better fit for you. 

3.  Choose the right mattress size. Fact: you can be single and have a king-size mattress! Whether you choose twin, queen, or king is all up to you. Think about your height and what size feels right to you. If you’re tall, explore the long options for mattresses. 

Bonus point: Most people don’t realize that a California King and a Standard (also known as an Eastern King) are different mattresses. If you don’t already have a California King mattress, you likely don’t need one unless you’re of above average height… like REALLY tall! A California King is 4” skinnier and 4” longer than a Standard King mattress.

4.  Measure your space before placing an order. This is an often-forgotten step! You may have found the mattress of your restless dreams, but make sure your dreams aren’t too big for your bedroom. The bed may fit, but is there also room for a bedside table or two? Bust out the tape measurer to save yourself a future return.  

5.  Research prices and set your budget. People often prefer to save for a bit or look into a payment plan before purchasing a mattress. There is a huge range of prices for mattresses, so think of your purchase as either a short-term purchase or an investment. Whatever you decide, stick to your budget before getting too deep in the world of researching mattresses. 

6.  Think about what position you sleep in. If you sleep on your back, you’re going to want to buy a firmer mattress. Side sleepers may need some cushion to relieve pressure points. 

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7.  Check out reviews for further guidance. Let other people who have used the mattress offer insight into your mattress-buying decision. Even text some friends to see if there’s a certain type or style of mattress they enjoy themselves. But, keep in mind that you have specific needs these people may not have. 

8.  Reflect on your current mattress. What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? Too soft or way too firm? Use it to make a dream wish list for your future mattress.

9.  Buy and try out your new mattress! The most exciting step by far: taking that first night’s sleep in your new mattress! You can even treat yourself to those new sheets and pillows you’ve been eyeing. 

10.  Treat your mattress right. Yes, it’s fun, but jumping on the mattress does not help its lifespan. Be sure to also wash your sheets often to prevent dust build-up. You put a lot of time and energy into this purchase, so make sure it lasts! 

Give us a call to discuss your mattress options! JaxCo offers a wide variety and we’re confident your perfect new mattress is waiting.