Sleep Your Way to a Better New Year! 5 Tips on Investing in a Great Mattress

Sleep Your Way to a Better New Year! 5 Tips on Investing in a Great Mattress

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Jan 7th 2021

As we move into a new year, some of us may reflect on the positive changes we aim to make, while approximately 60% of the population will take the time to write out a list of 2021 resolutions. We think 100% would agree a most welcome change would be consistently getting a great night’s sleep. To wake up refreshed, and move through the day with more clarity, focus and energy. There is so much advice on how to achieve better sleep habits. From retiring and rising each day at the same time to cutting out caffeine late in the day. From skipping wine at dinner to turning off blue light devices at least an hour before bed. Others suggest dropping into a meditation twice a day for twenty minutes or setting your bedroom temperature to cool. While daily habits can affect sleep cycles, so will our foundation. A big factor in determining the health of our sleep is right where we do it. Our Mighty Mattress. Our Dream Throne. That sacred space where we spend 1/3 of our lives. Here are our top five tips on choosing the best mattress for you and achieving that elusive great night’s sleep all year long:

1.) Meet Your Mattress.

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without first taking it on a test drive, viewing a mattress in-person before you buy it will likely yield a better outcome. You will want to experience how it looks and feels firsthand. If you share your mattress with a partner, it’s a good idea to bring them along for a trial run too. To test a mattress properly, actually lay down on the mattress, for at least 10 minutes. Don’t worry, the staff is used to seeing this! Remember, we never stay in the same position all night as we sleep, so feel free to move around and stretch out into multiple directions. A mattress should feel firm but not too saggy; it shouldn’t feel too hard or too soft. Make sure to test a variety of brands so you can make the best choice. Testing a mattress should be a customized experience based on how you feel on the mattress, not on which brand name is the most popular. Pro Tip: Ask us about a pillow (complete with a disposable “pillow napkin”) because 30% of your sleep has to do with the position of your neck!

2.) Downsize or Supersize?

Depending on your stage of life, and the size of your room, don’t assume that a certain size mattress is best. For example, it may surprise you that a Queen size will fit much better withinthe scale of your bedroom yet still allows for ample room and comfort. Or, maybe you have small kids that seem to gravitate to your bed for Netflix marathon nights - in that case, a larger King size like this one is definitely the way to go!

Last, consider the height and weight of both you and your partner, as well as your co-sleeping habits, and let those details inform your final decision on size.

3.) Tossing & Turning & Temperature...Oh My.

The three “T” words that can add up to sleep deprivation, and one is controlled by your thermostat. Studies show people tend to sleep better in colder rooms. But, what if you naturally run “cold” and prefer a warmer room? Or, you are that person always waking up overheated and frustrated each night, kicking off the comforter because you are way too hot. Before you buy, do research on types of mattresses that integrate temperature control features.There are many brands with these benefits now. Choose the one that best suits your sleep style and natural body rhythm. Once you have landed on a mattress that delivers the perfect climate - don’t forget about your pillow! This pillow will have you waking up refreshed. The yarns are infused with nano-crystals that cause an instant cooling sensation while you sleep. How cool is that?

4.) How Do You Sleep?

On your side? On your stomach? Flat on your back? The position we sleep in makes a difference when buying a mattress. People usually fall into a category of either a side sleeper, tummy snoozer or back-rester. But, a large category also fall under “combination sleeper.” When shopping for a new mattress, talk to the experts at the store about how you (and your partner) sleep, and let them help guide you to a selection that meets your unique needs. The more information they have about how you sleep, the better job they can do to help improve your overnight journeys. A model like this Hybrid King with remote controlled adjustable base is ideal to try different positions for optimal comfort.

5.) The Clock is Ticking...

When does the final alarm sound off for a mattress? Maybe sooner than you think! Did you know that you should replace your mattress every 6 - 8 years? Depending on how many people sleep under your roof, that can add up to quite a lot of mattress movement over time. Since this is an investment piece, you want to be thoughtful and resolved before this type of purchase. Once you do invest, a few great ways to take care of your mattress are to flip and rotate. You should do this every 3 months, and rotate it from end-to-end. Check the legs and castors every few months to make sure they aren’t loose. And, adding a mattress cover will help provide extra protection from allergens and dirt. This easy-fit, 3-piece design set checks all the box springs! Featuring moisture resistant fabric, a waterproof and bed bug bite proof barrier and a dust mite and allergen barrier. The foundation is stylish and an easy install!

JaxCo wishes you and your family a happy New Year with better days and many restful nights ahead. Here’s to sweet dreams in 2021!