The Golden Rules of Shopping for Furniture

The Golden Rules of Shopping for Furniture

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Oct 28th 2020

The Golden Rules of Shopping for Furniture.

Star of the Show(room)

Ever notice when you walk into a beautifully designed restaurant or hotel, there is usually one piece of decor that is an absolute show stopper? Skilled selfie-takers gallop over to snap a photo alongside these room heroes.

Pieces like these can range from a dramatic glowing candelabra inside a bustling dining room to a customized sofa that becomes the leading lady of a lounge...all are undeniable focal points and installed with deliberate purpose.

Creating focal points at home can give a similar effect - whether it’s a memorable piece of wall art like this:

Pancho Wall Art

...a great fireplace mantel inspired by reclaimed barn wood with a rustic finish like this one:

Fireplace Mantel

...a striking crystal chandelier floor lamp that brings together practical lighting with a pretty style:

Crystal Drop Shade Floor Lamp

...or a unique, pop-out fabric or print like this emerald and cream embroidered throw pillow that will add a lot of luxe to any sofa!

Emerald Pillow

Keep focal points in mind as promising decor stars when you shop for furniture.

You only need one per room!

Buy Local

Shopping local not only breeds good community Karma and helps grow small businesses, but you are likely to build great professional relationships with local staffers, receive exceptional customer service, and find furniture pieces that resonate with the vibe of your state, town or lifestyle.

Your home should reflect parts of the environment you live in. Decorating your home with local flavor and finds is sure to make a lasting statement.

Try out decor pieces in your home from local photographers...or seek out artistic nature scenes that resonate with the surroundings and landscape where you live. This tranquil black and white art piece will take your imagination from the indoors straight to the great outdoors:

Black and White Art

Measure Up

Why are measurements important, you ask?

If you don’t care all that much about your time, money and energy, then skip over this part.

But if you can spend a few focused minutes measuring your spaces (don’t forget to also measure stairwells, doorways and your front entryway) you will be glad you took the extra time!

Bringing exact measurements to your next furniture shopping trip can ensure free and clear traffic flow within your rooms and spaces, a more seamless installation at delivery, and an all-around better shopping experience.

When you are measuring rooms and making furniture decisions based on dimensions, you may get a lot of mileage from unexpected pieces. For example, a bookcase that slants on a wall or a thin storage bench can provide the same efficiency as an oversized item that would take up much more space.

This storage piece is so versatile for showcasing objects, collections, books and sentimental subjects. And, it won’t dominate a room or create added bulk.

Storage Bookcase

Uncomfortably Numb

Attention shoppers: While on the hunt for furniture, please keep comfort in mind.

That 18th century Queen Anne chair spoke to you at the antique fair...but after you brought her home, she leads a lonely life.

Keep ‘comfort’ as the theme of your most played seating soundtrack.

The most well-lived seating areas especially need to be comfortable first and foremost. Hard, creaky, too small or too slouchy is not inviting, no matter how chic or fancy their history (or price tag!) may be.

A cluster of furniture mixing classic and traditional style with comfort is so inviting like this gorgeous 3-piece living room set.

Three Piece Living Room Set

Buy at Brick & Mortar

In the era of shopping for “everything at a click”, when it comes to furniture, different rules apply. Buying from a store with a physical location allows you to see, sit, touch and test out chosen pieces before making big decisions.

Also, visiting a store is a great way to ask questions about the items IRL.

Better yet, a ‘real’ person with expertise and product knowledge will be on-site to answer you!

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, the same goes for furniture. Let’s be honest, you will likely have both the car and that piece of furniture for the same number of years.

To sweeten the deal even more, shopping at a brick and mortar store not only allows you to experience the furniture firsthand, but most stores offer delivery, door- to- door service, and options that include installation and set-up. Could they make it any easier?

Shopping for furniture should be fun, exciting and open up your spirit to bringing more of what you love into your home.

We are spending so much more time at home these days, furniture is one investment that will really give back in spades.