Top 10 Favorite Back-to-School Homework Essentials for the Home

Posted by Duval on Aug 1st 2019


These three little words are a BIG deal with even bigger emotions. We suspect that this time of year, some of you embrace these words with gratitude! No matter where you fall on your feelings of sending the kiddos back-to-school, you will be inundated with school supply lists, screenshots of the latest backpacks and shoes from your kids, grocery lists for lunches and so. much. more. 

These are all necessary, of course, but have you thought about what it takes to set your kid up for studying success this school year by creating a home environment to support healthy, focused study habits? A dedicated study space that is comfortable, spacious and well lit is the foundation for a productive study session; especially for older children who might require hours of study time. This can be even more challenging for large families with multiple kids all needing a study space at the same time.

So what can you do to set up back-to-school study spaces to meet each child's needs? For starters, think about each child individually. Does he need a quiet space free of all noise? Is she more focused when sitting at a table or on a bed with a lap desk? Some kids may need your supervision while others work independently. Decide what environment works best for your child, then create the space that will maximize his or her study time.

We have compiled ten of our favorite homework essentials for the home that will turn areas of your home into homework havens! 

Top 10 Favorite Back-to-School Homework Essentials for the Home

Best Homework Desks

White Wring Desk

We love this basic writing desk that features two shelves for your work necessities. It is also available in a black finish.

Contemporary Chrome and Glass Top Writing Desk

If chic or modern is your teen's vibe, than she will love this chrome writing desk, constructed with steel and a clear tempered-glass top. Enjoy this desk's clean lines and framed legs in high-polished chrome for the contemporary look.

Adjustable Desk

Need a desk to grow with your kids? If so, you will love this adjustable desk from the Scott Living series. It features a dynamic sheesham wood, an industrial metal base, and motorized adjustable height. This desk includes dual motors to ensure smooth, quiet movement and offers a convenient digital motor height display with two-position memory settings. 

Acrylic Sawhorse Writing Desk

This acrylic sawhorse desk with chrome details is perfect for high school students and co-eds. This desk features a clear tempered-glass top for a sophisticated and modern look. Its minimal style works well with smaller bedrooms and dorms.

Swivel Chairs (Really Big Fidget Spinners)

Kids like to move. It should come as no surprise that many like to move their bodies when studying! In fact a study in the Journal of Pediatrics found that children who move during math and spelling may learn more effectively than students in typical sedentary classrooms. Enter the beloved swivel chair. Think of it as a big fidget spinner for their bodies while their brains enjoy the benefits. Here are two of our favorites: 

White Swivel Chair

Your kids will love this white swivel chair with the 360-degree swivel and parents will love the faux leather for easy clean up and minimalist look! 

Brown Swivel Chair

The upholstered bucket seat on this brown swivel chair is covered in a vintage faux leather for durability and easy maintenance with modern comfort.

Don't Forget Proper Desk Lighting!

Remember how our moms used to say reading in poor light was bad for our eyes? Well, not surprisingly, mom was right. (Isn't she always, though?) Poor lighting can affect study effort and overall academic performance because it causes the eyes to strain, leading to fatigue and tension headaches. It's paramount that kids have good lighting to complete their homework, especially as the days grow shorter in the winter months.

We love this bronze finish metal desk lamp. It's sturdy, functional and looks absolutely stunning on any desk.

Chrome Finish Desk Lamp

This chrome desk lamp with dome shade and gray marble base is made for the modern desk space. The arched dome is designed to provide a well lit workspace including desks and tables.

Every Home Needs a Reading Nook (We love the word nook.)

Some children are more productive in a main area of the house, and let’s face it, parents may need them nearby to monitor study habits, or lack thereof. Consider setting up a study nook in the corner of a living room or family room. Kitchens can be noisy and distracting, so establishing a dedicated study space for homework in another main area of the home is often a good idea.

Chair and Ottoman Study Nook

Establish a favorite chair that is comfortable, offers support, and is close to power outlets. Consider setting up this area close to a window for natural light during the daytime. It's also important to choose upholstered pieces with durable and easy-to-clean fabrics for the occasional accident. The Abney Driftwood Chair and Ottoman is one of our study nook favorite picks!

Black Chaise

This black chaise is the ultimate in creating a homework study nook! This chaise is upholstered in a black faux leather with tufted seating and includes an accent lumbar pillow and headrest. This chaise also features a built-in speaker with bluetooth connectivity perfect for high school students completing online assignments! 

Remember, a homework space that works for one child might be different for another. Talk to your kids about where they feel most productive. Creating a homework space with your child can be a fun, motivating activity to create excitement about going back-to-school. We wish everyone a smooth back-to-school this year!