​What Color Should We Choose For Our Living Room Furniture?

​What Color Should We Choose For Our Living Room Furniture?

Posted by Shelby Rose on Aug 31st 2020

With a myriad of beautiful color palettes being offered on the furniture market, you may be thinking, “Which color is for me?” We believe this is a great question that should be dwelled on. When choosing a color for your living room, we advise you to think about two main factors: your family’s lifestyle and your desired home feel. Taking these two things into consideration, we have outlined our top five most popular color choices in order to help you confidently choose the living room theme for you and your family.

1. White

If you are looking for a light and crisp look, white may be the option for you. Like a blank canvas, white furniture is an excellent backdrop for any room. White can be styled in many different ways allowing for your creativity to shine. We do recommend that if you are choosing this option, you also feel confident your lifestyle will allow for more precautions around your furniture. While white is elegant and timeless, it also invites stains more easily than other colors. A house full of furry friends and little ones may not be the ideal place for a white furniture set. This color may fare better for empty nesters or young professionals.

Pro Tip: If choosing a white couch or loveseat consider grounding the surrounding area with deeper colored accents such as a wood coffee table for a contrast with an elevated look.

Rackingburg Cream Reclining Sofa

2. Grey/Light Blue Hues

Do you desire your living room to be a place of ultimate comfort? If you are looking for a space to be marked by “cozy” and “calm” feelings, grey and light blue hues may be for you! We consider these hues the epitome of “comfort colors.” These colors are also great if you are drawn to the crisp, airy look, but are worried about keeping up the white fabric. These colors are more forgiving, while still offering a light, easy look.

Pro Tip: Navy and black are great contrasting furniture colors for this colored fabric. Consider a dark metal framed accent chair or navy throw pillows!

Altari Alloy LAF Corner Chaise & RAF Sofa Sectional

3. Tan/Beige

Tan and beige hues are by far the most popular living room furniture color for good reasons. First, these colors are the most popular colors carried by most furniture stores, so if you desire many options this is a great choice for you. Second, these colors offer a classic base that can easily adapt to changing styles. If you are someone who loves to refresh a space often, a classic tan is a great choice because it will not hamper your changing style. These colors make it very easy to have “seasonal” looks throughout the year. If you love to decorate with green and red pillows at Christmas and bright accents for spring, this is a safe choice for you! The possibilities are endless for those who love revolving decorations.

Pro Tip: Consider adding depth to this room with a bold rug or colorful accents to brighten the area.

Claredon Linen Sofa & Loveseat

4. Dark Brown/Black

Let’s flip to the other end of the color spectrum. If you are looking for a warmer, deeper colored space- dark browns and black may be the hues for you. These hues are associated with a very welcoming, homey feeling. One of our favorite ways to see these colors is through leather. Leather can come in a wide range of warm colors and creates an earthy, grounding feeling to a room. Extra bonus: it is such a tough, durable, and easy to maintain material.

Pro tip: When working with these colors, consider warm accent colors and varying textures. This will help your accents stand out against the darker background.

Beckham Leather Sectional with Armless Chair

5. Bold Colors

Do you love to make strong statements with your furniture? Is your living room already a very neutral space? Are you looking for a stylistic accent? If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions you should consider looking into bold colored living room furniture. Bold living room sets are becoming popular as families and individuals are starting to express their style through furniture more and more. We love this trend and believe your furniture should be as unique as you! Trending colors right now are deep blues, forest greens, and goldish yellows. These colors look amazing in fabrics such as velvet and suede!

Pro Tip: Consider choosing neutral wall colors and simple accents in order to keep your furniture the main statement.

Macleary Moss 4 Pc. Sofa, Loveseat, Chair, Ottoman

We hope you have a better idea of which color pallete may be best for you! The beauty of choosing one color scheme for your furniture is that it can always be refreshed by simply changing out your accent pieces. If you are looking to update your space consider refreshing your:

-area rugs


-accent chairs


-picture frames

-wall decor

-side tables

BRANDEN Natural Sculpture Set

Whether you are looking for an entire new living room set or a few simple accent pieces, JaxCo has everything you need at affordable prices. Check out our collection online or come check us out in person! We cannot wait to help you!

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