What To Bring With You When You Go Furniture Shopping

Posted by Duval on Dec 7th 2018

We’ve been told that furniture shopping can be less than fun. There are tons of stores to visit and many of them don’t have exactly what you want. Sales people are overdressed and you don’t feel like you can touch anything. Stores that do have stuff you like are way too expensive. Then your spouse doesn’t like the mattress you picked out. Then you try to order the sectional online but it’s not what it looked like in the pictures.

As one nice lady put it to us, “It’s somewhere between the dentist and haggling with a used car salesman on my fun scale.” Well, okay then.

We know that buying new furniture or a mattress can be stressful. There are tons of decisions to make from style and setup to color and comfort. Larger pieces like sofas, sectionals, and mattresses aren’t everyday items so this might be the first time (or first time in a long time) you’ve attempted to make this type of purchase.

To make your furniture shopping experience simpler and less painful, we’ve compiled a few tips pave the way. Here are a few things you’re going to need when you go shopping for a new living room set, outdoor furniture set, bedroom set, mattress set, or any other furnishing for the home and patio.

Room Dimensions

We see it all the time. The bed leaves no extra space in the bedroom. The accent chair is lonely and dwarfed by the large corner in which it’s placed. Dimensions are crucial to getting the right look so always bring room dimensions when you go furniture shopping.

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with options but having the right room dimensions can immediately eliminate some of the sets that aren’t going to fit. Keep in mind that some sets are “modular” meaning you are able to order additional or fewer pieces based on the space you have available to find the perfect fit.


If you know what you’re able to spend, we can guide you to pieces that will fit your budget. Just like a realtor, we won’t waste your time with stuff that’s not reasonable.

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Colors (Room & Furniture)

Did you know that many interior design professionals recommend buying furniture before painting a room if possible? Paint comes in a bazillion colors. Furniture, on the other hand, has a finite number of colors to choose from, making it harder to match.

Bringing color swatches or pictures of the room for which you’re buying is a great way to make sure you get the right color match with your new furniture. Another option is to bring a throw or a pillow of the fabric with which you’re trying to coordinate.

Try to keep your mind open to the color of new furniture, especially case goods. Remember, color options are often limited. Have an idea of what you want, but try to be flexible. If not, you may end up on the hunt for the bigfoot of furniture.

An Open Mind

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Plus, you may have to visualize new furnishings in the place of old. If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you see the Property Brothers (we’re still not sure which one does what) and Joanna Gaines walk their customers through this with remodels.

Maybe you had a sectional in mind but only a sofa will fit. Maybe you wanted two nightstands but the room won’t accommodate them with the bed you picked out. Keep an open mind and you’ll have more options from which to choose.


What does vanilla taste like? It’s hard to verbally describe that. The same goes for furniture. Sometimes what you want is hard to describe but easy to see (errrr, “taste,” maybe). If you have a “look” or an exact piece you want, bring that inspiration shopping with you. No different than when you go to your stylist and say, “Cut my hair like this.”

This may include fabrics, pillows, pictures of a style (e.g. bohemian, industrial, mid-century modern, etc.), or maybe even an exact picture of a set you like that isn’t in your budget. Bring it with you and we’ll help find options that fit your budget while matching the look you’re going for.

Other Decision Makers

Finally, be sure to bring other decision makers like spouses or roommates. The best way to eliminate multiple furniture shopping excursions is to bring along all the people who will be using it. The less trips, the less painful the experience. The more decision makers who are present, the better likelihood of finding something you love.

All the best with your next furniture shopping experience!