Why Motion Furniture is a Must for the Ultimate Man Cave! Treat Dad this Father's Day!

Why Motion Furniture is a Must for the Ultimate Man Cave! Treat Dad this Father's Day!

Posted by Shelby Rose on Jun 12th 2020

With an abundance of new innovations on the market, the days of the traditional dark and musty man cave are quickly slipping away. As advancing tech continues to make watching the game at home feel more and more like being in the stadium, it may be time to consider if your dad’s furniture is moving with the times.

This father’s day, “wow” dad with a gift that makes walking into his man cave feel more like walking into a therapeutic escape and less like walking into a college frat house.

Motion Furniture

Modern motion furniture has its roots in traditional lever-operated recliners and couches, but offers brand new leisure features that are sure to excite dad and elevate any man cave. While dad's old trusty recliner holds the memories of relaxing with his favorite books or watching iconic games won at the last second, it may also hold many outdated features that are not serving him in the most efficient ways possible.

Tambo Pewter 2 Pc. Left Arm Facing/Right Arm Facing Sectional

Let’s explore the assortment of amenities, arrangements, and aesthetics motion furniture has to offer.


Today’s motion furniture is designed not only to heighten convenience, but also to deepen comfortability. With plentiful options, it is important you narrow down what specific features your dad would enjoy.

Is he an avid movie watcher? He may enjoy convenient storage consoles for important remote controls. Is he an avid fan who won’t miss a moment of the big game? Spacious cup holders and USB charging ports are sure to please. Does he come home from work with aching feet and shoulders? Consider looking for precise head and food rest controls and possibly a massage feature.

Stoneland Fossil Reclining Sofa & Double Reclining Loveseat with Console

With a bountiful selection of options, you can easily transform any man cave into an in home movie theatre, stadium box, or relaxation oasis.

Dad is going to LOVE this Father’s Day!


Motion furniture comes in an array of arrangements spanning from a traditional recliner setting which gives dad a solo place to relax from a long day at work, to a 7-seat motion sectional that fits the whole family. When shopping, consider if you desire to give your dad a space to relax alone, host game day parties for his favorite team, or enjoy family movie nights.

Warnerton Chocolate LAF Reclining Power Loveseat with Console, Wedge & RAF Reclining Power Sofa with Console Sectional

If you are looking to do it all, you may consider purchasing a set of pieces such as a loveseat and couch duo or a sectional and matching recliner.


Along with a host of amenities and seating arrangements, motion furniture is also available in a diverse variety of looks, allowing you to create the exact aesthetic you have in mind. While the main purpose of this piece is function and comfort, you do not have to compromise style! This gift will be a used and loved part of your home for many years. Therefore when shopping for your perfect piece, carefully consider two things that will help you choose the right material:

  1. What desired look are you trying to achieve?
  2. What do you plan to use this piece for?

If you are looking to bring a long lasting, elevated warmth to your man cave, you may consider durable leather in black or brown. If you are looking for a plush cushion experience that pleases dad and the whole family, you may consider cushioning, soft to the touch microfiber upholstery.

Pro-Tip: Staying within a range of neutral colors will allow the space around the couch to evolve with time. Who knows when a new team (and their colors) may win dad’s allegiance?

Composer Gray Power Recliner with Diamenton Chair Side End Table

Saturday’s big game is already sounding a bit more comfortable, right?

For any dad, a man cave provides a space not to simply get away from the day. It provides a space to recharge, connect, and relax so they can come back into the world more eager and ready to continue serving our families in all the ways that they do. This Father’s Day, consider investing into the space that helps make dad, dad.