4 Ways To Protect Your Furniture Investment

Posted by Duval on Apr 1st 2019

4 Ways To Protect Your Furniture Investment

Protecting your furniture isn’t the same as it used to be. Gone are the days of plastic slip covers that make your stick to or slide off the sofa depending on the humidity of the room. Sure, you can still find plastic covers to protect your new investment, but we have some less noisy ideas for you to consider.

Add Glass Tops

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who use coasters under their drinks and those who don’t. If you live with some of the latter, pay attention. Adding a piece of glass to the top of your wood furniture can help conserve the integrity of the wood against sweaty drinks and other household dangers.

Glass and mirror companies can custom fit glass to your wood nightstands, coffee table, or dresser for a beautiful addition. By adding glass, you’ll  update the look of your furniture while simultaneously extending the life of it. Contact us for a short list of preferred vendors.

Mattress Protectors

If you’re like the average American, you spend approximately 6.8 hours in your bed every night (and that's not counting the time you spend reading or watching TV). That’s more than 6 times the amount you spend in your car each day. Yet, we have a sneaking suspicion you didn’t pay as much for your last bed as you did for your last car.

Many mattresses receive 10+ years of use before being replaced. If you’d like the investment you made in your mattress to go that distance or farther, you’ll need a mattress protector. Mattress protectors (like these that we carry from  Bedgear) defend the integrity of the mattress from fluids (bodily or of the grape-derived variety) so that if you have a warranty issue, your mattress isn’t compromised. Manufacturer’s will not honor on a warranty claim on a mattress that has been soiled, stained, or otherwise "misused."

Additionally, mattress protectors protect you from your mattress. You’re probably asking, “From what do I need protection?” Simple: you need protection from creepy things like dust mites, bed bugs, and allergen-causing bacteria. 

Ask the crew at JaxCo about adding a mattress protector to your next mattress purchase to extend the life of your mattress and add protection to your sleep. 

Protection Plans

Car and homeowner’s insurance are common purchases. So it shouldn’t surprise you that there is such thing as a furniture insurance.

Some might ask why buy a protection plan for furniture that already has a warranty on it. Valid question. Because a manufacturer’s warranty covers manufacturer’s defects. An example of a manufacturer’s defect is a spring spontaneously popping out of a cushion or a drawer that is broken upon delivery. In the words of Cornell Law, “This kind of defect occurs when a product departs from its intended design…”

On the other hand, a protection plan covers much more. The plans we offer at JacxCo cover rips, tears, stains, and burns as well as a FREE cleaning every year for five years.  Contact JaxCo for more info on a protection plan to cover your furniture today (certain restrictions apply).

Delivery Service

You probably know someone who owns a truck. But owning a truck doesn’t necessarily qualify someone to handle your new investment.

JaxCo customers can choose between picking up their furniture or having it delivered. If you pick it up, we’ll be happy to get it to your vehicle to be loaded. But once it leaves our premises, we are not liable for what happens during transit or setup. This includes flying mattresses or dropped furniture.

Instead, we encourage our customers to choose delivery from our specialists. Delivery is reasonably priced, includes assembly, and the liability is on our shoulders. Our delivery team is comprised of Jacksonville area firemen with trucks, trailers, dollies, and all the appropriate tools for the job. They’ll even take the trash to the appropriate trash area where you live.

Although it’s not the luxurious plastic covers you were hoping for when you started reading this article, Grandma will be proud that you’re protecting your investment either way.