Jacksonville, FL Reclining Sectional Sofa: The Benefits of Buying One

Jacksonville, FL Reclining Sectional Sofa: The Benefits of Buying One

Posted by JaxCo Furniture and Mattress on Oct 3rd 2022

Are you thinking about buying a reclining sectional sofa? Do you want to know about the benefits of buying one? Read on to learn more.

There are 21 different sofas you can choose from for your home. Deciding what you'd like best can be difficult; for example, there are ottomans and armchairs. Homeowners can also select sloped arm sofas if they want.

One of the more popular options is the reclining sectional sofa. There are several reasons why these are such a popular option for most homes.

From the availability of fabric choices to the economic benefit of purchasing a sectional sofa, this type of furniture can bring you and your family various benefits. Sectional sofas also provide plenty of seating space. 

Of course, you should know a few things before buying a reclining sectional sofa. Read on to see what reclining sectional sofas are, why a sectional sofa for your home is a good choice, and what to expect when purchasing one.

What Is a Reclining Sectional Sofa?

The first part of this sectional sofa guide will explain what a reclining sectional sofa is. But, to understand reclining sectional sofas, we're going to discuss ordinary sectional sofas first.

A sectional sofa differs from a traditional sofa because it comes in two or more pieces (or "sections"). Sectional sofas are often a combination of a loveseat or sofa combined with a chaise.

A loveseat is a small sofa that seats two people, hence their name. Sofas can seat at least three people at once. 

There are three common types of sectionals. The first is the typical 90-degree or an "L-shape" configuration. These L-shaped sectionals consist of at least five seats - one in the middle and two on either side. 

The second type of sectional is the "U-shape" variety. These U-shaped seats have a sofa in the middle with two single-seater chairs at the ends. Chaise sectionals are sofas with a chaise seat on either side of the central unit. 

Modular vs. Sectional: What's the Difference? 

A modular sofa is a sectional sofa, but a sectional sofa isn't necessarily modular. The arrangement is the significant difference between the two types of chairs.

Homeowners can arrange a modular sofa the same way they would a modular seat - at a 90-degree angle. But, you're not limited to a 90-degree seating arrangement.

Modular sofas are made so you can place them however you want. The backs and arms are the same height, so it's easier to arrange these chairs in various ways. 

Modular chairs are more streamlined than their sectional counterparts, thanks to each chair being the same size and shape. 

The 90-degree angle is a popular seating style, but many people opt to place their modular chairs in a "U-shape" as well. Sectionals are often larger than modular chairs and come "as is," meaning what you see is what you get.

A sectional sofa doesn't offer as much arrangement versatility as modular chairs. Sectional setting arrangments are often limited to the listed configurations above. 

What About Reclining Sectional Sofas? 

We began this portion of the article by discussing reclining sectional sofas; what is a reclining sectional? A reclining sectional sofa is a sectional whose backrest can recline into different positions. 

These sectional backrests can tilt straight up, slightly backward, or into a full-on "sleeping" position. The seat's footrest can extend slightly forward or horizontally to accommodate sleeping. 

Reclining Sectional Sofa Features

Some of you may be familiar with the "manual" reclining sectionals - sectional chairs that use the levers on the side to allow you to move the backrest backward.

These manual sectional sofas also allow you to raise the footrest. You achieve this by pressing your legs into the backrest and locking it into place at your desired height.

Many modern sectionals use electricity of battery power to move at the touch of a button. These power recliners move the chair into your favored position with the help of one or more motors. 

You can also purchase reclining sectional sofas with adjustable headrests if you like watching TV at a reclining angle or enjoy sitting in a reclined position. Headrests will help prevent neck strain. 

Sectional Sofa Benefits: Is A Sectional Right For Me? 

We've discussed what sectional sofas are in great detail, so now we'll discuss why you should bother purchasing one. One reason why people opt for sectionals is their low price. 

A sectional sofa is comparatively cheap when you account for the amount of seating space you get for the price. People also love that they can change a sectional sofa's layout to accommodate your living area. 

The purpose of sectional sofas is to provide plenty of seating space with little effort. Of course, there are various other benefits to choosing one of these sofas. Keep reading for more sectional sofa benefits. 

Sectional Sofas Help Save Money

We said that a reclining sectional sofa is cheap but can also keep you from spending extra money. Sectionals offer so much seating that you don't have to pay for additional chairs for your living room. 

A sectional provides so many places to sit that this furniture can accommodate various people. You can use your money for other pieces of decor instead of extra armchairs for guests when you opt for sectional sofas. 

You Can Organize Your Living Space More Efficiently

Sectional sofas give you the unique ability to pardon off areas of open-concept living spaces. For example, you can use the couch to divide your kitchen and living room. 

You can use the sectional to mark designated areas in larger living rooms. The sectional can be the "lounging area" where you relax, watch TV, or play games.

You can set an office to the side of the chair, almost like a separate room. Reclining sectionals help give rooms a multi-functional utility they may have lacked because you couldn't dedicate space to specific tasks. 

Sectionals Help Conserve Space

Although sectional sofas are large pieces of furniture, they go a long way toward saving space in your living room. Smaller areas benefit significantly from sectionals. 

Sectional seating uses less space than a traditional multi-chair seating arrangement because the seats are attached to one another. The angular shape of sectional sofas slots neatly into tight spaces. 

The extra space surrounding the sofa is usable for other things. You could put a coffee table in front of the chair or end tables on each side. Sectionals help make the most of your lounging area with their compact design. 

Reclining Sectional Sofas Are Great Lounging Space

The best part about owning a reclining sectional sofa is that you've got a fantastic place to lounge and relax. A sectional is large enough that you've got plenty of space to nap without reclining your seat. 

Sectionals are a comfortable spot to read, watch TV, play games, and entertain guests. You've got the advantage of trying multiple positions, and you can arrange the sectional however is most comfortable for you.  

You'll Have Plenty of Space for Guests

Purchasing a sectional sofa is an excellent idea if you entertain guests regularly. One of the worst things about hosting a party or other get-togethers is not having enough seating space for each attendant. 

If you need other seating, you can get it, but sectionals are designed to accommodate multiple people. It doesn't take enormous effort to seat everyone if you've got a sectional sofa on hand. 

You Have Your Choice of Functional Add-Ons

Despite the plethora of perks of owning a reclining sofa, many people buy them mainly for the comfort they provide. But did you know there are ways to make sectionals more comfortable? 

Manufacturers create additional parts to enhance the convenience of having a reclining sectional sofa. You can have a couch with cupholders and armrests. There are even sofas with pouches for books or remotes.

Sectionals Can Serve As Additional Storage Space

One other add-on we hadn't mentioned previously was built-in storage space. Furniture manufacturers design sectionals to be as multi-functional as possible.

Homes without much storage space can significantly benefit from a sectional sofa. You can hide children's toys, gaming controllers, and board games from sight. 

If your sectional doubles as a bed for guests, you can also put bed linens inside the hidden storage compartment. The convenience of sectional storage is another reason many homeowners choose these chairs. 

A Sectional Sofa Is Easy To Maintain

Traditional sofas can be troublesome to clean. The upholstery is one piece, so you'd have to get the entire fabric removed and a new one reapplied. Sectionals don't have this inconvenient problem. 

Because the chair is technically two or more pieces, you'd only need to reupholster the heavily stained or damaged area. Even cleaning a sectional on your own is easier because you can detach the damaged or dirty seat. 

You Can Choose From Different Sectionals

Part of what makes sectionals so versatile is the different types available to you. Earlier in the article, we discussed four popular types of sectional sofas - modular, L-shaped, U-shaped, and chaise sectionals. 

But there is also the "pit-shaped" sectional sofa for large gatherings like movie nights and sleepovers. The pit-shaped sofa is a modified U-shape but comes with ottomans you can use to fill in the space in the middle. 

Pit-style sectionals are often used for lounging and sleeping. Pit sectionals are large and can take up a lot of space, so they're a better fit for people with large living rooms and families. 

Sectionals Are Easy to Assemble

Ease of assembly is one of the greatest sectional sofa benefits. Despite your couch coming in separate parts, it's not at all difficult to piece the chair together into one unit.

Sectionals are also simple to take apart, making removing and rearranging your chair's parts a relatively simple task. For example, if you're downsizing, you can remove part of your sectional and store it away.

The easy disassembly of reclining sectional sofas makes moving a less daunting task. You don't have to struggle with getting a whole couch into a moving truck or inside your new residence. 

A Reclining Sectional Sofa Is Also Decor

Although many may not share this perspective, furniture is as much decor as wall pictures, vases, or candles. A reclining sectional sofa allows you to stylize your living room without too many changes. 

Sectional sofas come in many styles, colors, and materials, so choosing one for your tastes is not tricky. The distinctive shapes of sectionals make them aesthetically pleasing and add a unique element to your decor. 

Continuing with how well reclining sofas add to your decor, these chairs also have a transformative power in spaces. If you're looking for a fresh look, all you have to do is change the chair layout every so often. 

If you want a more traditional living room arrangement, you can detach chairs from the sectional and place them in desired spots within your living room. Experimentation is a perk of owning a sectional. 

You're not limited to one layout. How much versatility you get depends on the sofa you buy, but you can change things around whenever you're tired of a particular setup. 

Sectionals Are Cozy

Sectionals add a welcoming, cozy air to your living room because their inherent function is to relax and bring people closer together. Reclining sectional sofas makes rooms feel warmer and homey.

Sectionals make your living room feel more open, welcoming, and relaxing, perfect for entertaining guests or family nights. "Coziness" can also tie into your decor. 

If you prefer a warmer, more homey aesthetic, you may want to consider a reclining sectional sofa. Neutral colors like blue or brown work well to make a room feel more comfortable or cozy. 

What to Know Before Purchasing a Reclining Sectional Sofa

It's easy to make mistakes when purchasing furniture for your home. Maybe your blinds are the wrong color, or the comforter set you got is too small for your bed. You can avoid these mistakes with a careful plan. 

There are various ways buying your reclining sofa can go wrong. Below are a few sectional sofa tips to help you buy the right chair the first time around. 

Choose the Right Size Sectional 

The point of any sofa is to have somewhere for you and your family and friends to sit. Purchasing a too small sectional ensures you do not have enough space for anyone to sit. 

But getting a reclining sectional sofa with too much space is also possible. People with smaller families or who don't invite guests often won't need a large sectional. 

It's easy to avoid buying a too large or too small chair by measuring your living room. Make sure you know how big the space you want the sectional to be is, so you'll know what sizes will work best in your home. 

Something that may not be so easy to avoid is getting a chair that's the wrong proportions. You can get a chair that fits in the living room just fine, but its frame is too bulky for the space. 

A clunky reclining sectional may look overstuffed in a living room that's too small. A streamlined chair can end up looking too tiny in a larger space. You must remember to keep size and scale in mind while shopping.

Choose the Proper Sofa Fabric

You should choose a sectional you like, but you must ensure that the recliner can accommodate your lifestyle. If you have small children or pets, you may want to pick an easy-to-clean fabric. 

Something you can vacuum or wipe clean may be the best choice for families with small kids and pets. Durable, tear proof-fabric is also a good idea if you think your reclining sofa will be subject to rough treatment. 

If you don't have the time to maintain leather seating, you may want to opt for something else that's less effort. Linen is a good choice if you want something eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Consider Colors Carefully

Ideally, your sectional colors should match your existing decor. We'd mentioned choosing neutral colors before; yes, they are your best options for decor. 

Neutrals pair well with most other colors and invoke warmth and coziness. Try patterned fabrics or bold, dramatic colors if you'd like brighter furnishings that pop. 

Choose the Right Configuration

We've already discussed various configurations of sectionals, but did you know how important it is to choose the right one? You need to be aware of how tall the backrest is compared to your height. 

The depth of the seats is also something to keep an eye on. You have to ensure the seats aren't so deep that it's hard to get out of the chair. Ensure the chair isn't too low to the ground, making getting up difficult. 

Ask yourself if the sectional needs left or right-facing arms and if a chaise will fit into your living space. You have to consider many factors when choosing the best reclining sofa for your needs.

Space Doesn't Matter as Much As You Think

You don't need a massive room to own a reclining sectional. But you do need enough clearance for the chair to extend fully, but not much beyond that. There are smaller-scale chairs that will work in smaller areas. 

Look Out For Rounded Corners

Rounded corners can eat a lot of space if you're not careful. You don't need ample space for your sectional, but you need the right reclining sofa for your room. Rounded corners are tough to maneuver into corners.

Fewer Features You Save Money

One of the essential sectional sofa tips is that the fewer features you buy, the less money you'll spend on your chair. A reclining sectional sofa is already more than its non-reclining counterpart. 

But you'll pay even more if your chair has storage compartments or cupholders. If you don't want to spend too much on your sofa, consider compromising on features that aren't as important to you. 

Pick a Reclining Sofa that Grows With You

If you've a growing family or are considering having one, you should choose a sectional sofa that can expand with new household members. You can start with a simple configuration that allows you to expand later. 

Consider Slipcovers

Sectional sofas are easier to clean than traditional sofas, but the act can still be tedious. Slipcovers will make removing unwanted stains much easier because you can remove the upholstery.

Slipcovers also make it easier to change your sofa's aesthetic. If you want another color or fabric, you can purchase new covers to change how your couch (and living room) looks. 

Play With Your Configuration

If possible, try playing with different reclining sofa configurations until you settle on something you're satisfied with. Many websites have a function that allows you to project furniture into your room. 

A "projection tool" like this is handy because it helps you visualize what works in your living room. For example, you may want a U-shaped reclining sectional sofa but change your mind to an L-shaped chair. 

The online tool lets you view which sofa looks better while providing enough seating for all your family and guests. 

Looking For A Reclining Sofa? 

You should keep various sectional sofa benefits in mind while searching for a living room sofa. One such use is that sectional sofas provide plenty of seating space for family and guests.

Hopefully, this sectional sofa guide has provided you with enough valuable information to purchase the right reclining sectional sofa for you. If you are considering purchasing a sectional, contact JaxCo Furniture

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